9 Kitchen Trends to Inspire Your Next Project

Kitchen trends in 2018 run the gamut from tried and true decluttering ideas to fresh and new hue fads. Whether your style is farmhouse, modern, or anything in between, there is sure to be something to love in 2018.

2018 Kitchen Trends to Watch

1. Clutter Free

More of a lifestyle rather than a trend, it goes well being said again and again. Clutter kills aesthetics and can even cause stress! Whether you hid the clutter behind cabinetry or simply dispose of it, it must not be seen in 2018.
If you don’t have a lot of built-in storage, you might have to get creative but you can always hide anything extra. Consider moving a small cabinet into the kitchen to hold mixing bowls or less-used cookware. Do you have storage in your laundry room that you are unsure how to fill? That is a great spot to store a slow cooker or other small appliances that are not used regularly.

2. L-Shaped

The U-Shaped kitchen is on its way out and the L-shaped kitchen is trending yet again. L-shaped kitchens can be functional on a smaller scale and are much less expensive to remodel.
If you are looking to remodel, converting a U-shaped kitchen to an L-shaped can be relatively straightforward. The advantage to the L-shaped kitchen is that it can tend to open up your space even more which is always a plus.

3. High-Tech

Have you noticed the tech-trend has moved into the kitchen? You can now see what is inside your fridge while grocery shopping, turn on your faucet hands-free, and schedule your lights to turn on when there is someone in the room. If you are looking to be on-trend, high tech gadgets for your kitchen are a must!
Whether for convenience, safety, or to impress your friends, there is technology for everyone. Have you ever needed food to be ready as soon as you walk in the door? A smart oven can cook your food and then turn to a keep warm option to slow down the cooking process and help you serve a piping hot meal on time. If you will be gone for a weekend but want your house to look lived-in, you can schedule your lights or even access them from your phone to look like someone is in the house turning them off and on. Wanna impress your friends? There is an app for that.

4. Warm Woods and Vibrant Colors

White is waning, color is coming back! This doesn’t mean you have to paint your cabinets or replace your counters (though bright colored islands are certainly trending) but even adding pops of color with small appliances, in the tile of your backsplash, dishware, or rugs can liven up a white space.
Blues, purples, and greens are at the head of the pack though red and orange are hot on the tail. When considering adding some rich colors, stick with jewel tones and you cannot go wrong.

5. Metallics

Metallics – especially gold – are on the way back in. Golden touches are making it big! Gone are the days of gold and brown but bringing some gold accents into your space to warm up the cool tones is very on-trend.
If your kitchen is mostly white, gold accessories or lighting with gold accents is a perfect way to warm up your space. Black glasses with gold rims are also chic and add elegance.

6. Open Shelving

Adding splashes of gold or bold colors can be easy when you have open shelving to display your wares. To create a space that is pleasing to the eye minimal is best. Collections and layers are perfect. Eclectic can be done but with care – you do not want too many colors or patterns or the shelves can look messy instead of stylish.

White, glass, rustic wood, anything goes for open shelving. When choosing your open shelving material you need to determine if the shelves will be made to stand out or to blend and plan accordingly.

7. Integrated Sinks

One-piece counters with the sinks built in are very hot right now. Made from concrete, copper, quartz, the options are endless. If you are interested in changing out your counters and sinks, this could be a very fashionable addition.

8. Pet-centric

Wanna impress your most vogue friends? Pamper your pet. Give your pet reason to swagger by building them a dog or cat house right in your kitchen. Typically built right in to the cabinetry, the pet house blends well with the aesthetics of your kitchen. If a pet house is a bit over the top, how about a posh bed? Integrated pet gates and pull out food dishes are also chic.

9. Brushed Steel Appliances

If you are considering replacing your appliances you may be relieved to hear that there are trendy options other than the difficult to keep clean stainless steel. Dark gray with brushed steel finish is hot for 2018.

Want the most up-to-date oven? Better look into a steam oven. Known for ensuring foods retain optimal nutrients is part of the draw. Also, they are touted for helping meats retain moisture. Good food that tastes great is always on-trend!

Your best bet for designing a kitchen is to create a space you’ll love for many years to come.