3 Minimalist Bathroom Fixtures That Are Stylish & Functional

If you are in the design stage of building a new home, then you want a new home that is both stylish and functional. One current home design trend that can be both is sleek, minimalist style.

Whether you want to create an entire home with modern minimalist appeal or not, one room that minimalist design works well in is the bathroom. Minimalist design can lead to smaller bathrooms feeling and appearing more spacious than they are.

Read on to learn about three minimalist bathroom fixtures that are just as functional as they are stylish that you should consider including in your new bathroom design.

1. Undermount Sinks

While vessel sinks were embraced in new bathroom design for many years, the simple undermount sink is now making a comeback.

While vessel sinks are attractive, many homeowners have grown to dislike the cluttered appearance a vessel sink can lend bathroom counters. In addition, vessel sinks with thin edges and design elements are prone to developing chips and cracks over time due to their fragile nature.

Undermount sinks appear more sleek and streamlined than clunky vessel sinks since they are nestled underneath bathroom counters instead of placed on top of them. Undermount sinks are also easy to clean since they have no rim or lip that protrudes over the counter and are very difficult to crack or chip. In addition, undermount sinks are typically much deeper than vessel sinks, so water is less prone to splashing outside of the sink when it comes out of the attached faucet.

While an undermount sink may not be the focal point of your bathroom design like a vessel sink may have been in the past, you can choose metallic sink basins if you would like your sinks to add an extra stylish touch to your bathroom.

2. Tankless Toilets

While tankless toilets have available for years, they have recently become very popular in new home bathroom design. These toilets have a more modern, contemporary appearance than traditional toilets.

Tankless toilets lack the clunky tank that protrudes above the toilet basin that a traditional toilet has, leading to these toilets taking up less vertical and visual space in a bathroom. Tankless toilets can be installed on the floor, like a traditional toilet, or mounted onto a wall.

Tankless toilets operate differently than traditional toilets due to their lack of a water holding tank. The water needed to flush the toilet is projected into the tank by a special pipe connected directly to the home’s plumbing system.

The right tankless toilet can help you conserve water; typical toilets use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush, while some tankless toilets allow toilet users to select the exact amount of water they would like the toilet to use during each flush.

3. Walk-in Smart Showers

Walk-in showers with glass frameless shower doors have been popular in new home bathroom design for several years now. Since glass frameless shower doors do not create a visual break in your bathroom, this shower style helps create a streamlined bathroom that feels and appears much more spacious than it is.

Alternate several colors of tiles on your shower walls or choose another appealing tile design to use your shower walls as your bathroom focal point.

You can add modern function to your shower by adding a smart shower head to it. Smart showerheads vary in design, but many allow you to program a shower water temperature unique to each family member.

Everyone who uses your shower can then select their personal water “profile” before they enter the shower, allow the water to warm up, and then know the shower is safe and comfortable to use before they even step in the shower.

If you are designing a new home or plan to begin designing one soon, then consider adding these three functional, yet stylish, bathroom fixtures to your bathroom designs. Contact the new home design experts at Stillwater Architecture to discuss your new home design needs today.

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