3 Tips to Design an Amazing Outdoor Living Space

Well-designed outdoor living spaces can add value, versatility and square footage to any home. Creating a functional space outside as a continuing extension from the overall flow of the inside area of a home promotes harmony and relaxation. For those who wish to simply embrace a fun-filled holiday, a comfortable and show-stopping outdoor area allows cherished memories to be made and entertaining a breeze. Here are a few tips to help homeowners design an outdoor living space that meets their unique needs:

For an Outdoor Living Space You’ll Love for Years to Come

Tip 1: An Experience

Outdoor living areas need careful planning to be successful. They can increase the overall appeal and versatility of any property. Here are a few steps homeowners take to ensure their outdoor areas complement their home:

1. Establish a budget.

2. Discern the size of space to design.

3. Correlate indoor design with the outdoor design.

4. Select weather-proof furniture that fits in the space.

5. Add lighting and landscaping to create a finished look.

Tip 2: It’s Elemental

Focal points center and help organize outdoor spaces. The key to creating a welcoming and functional atmosphere outdoors is to use stand-out pieces that clearly define each designated living area. Gazebos, arbors, weather-proof throw rugs, even decorative containers prove invaluable when defining various spaces. To create a lasting impression and transform a vacation home into a virtual oasis, incorporate the basic elements. Arranging colorful, comfortable furniture around the elements of earth, fire and water, makes designing outdoor areas an easy task.

Utilizing Elements:

  • Earth: Greenery, plants, or container gardens surrounding a patio, yard or balcony applies color, and texture to a normally blank slate.
  • Fire: Placing comfortable lounge-seating around a fire-pit draws family and friends into a welcoming environment, giving them a more personal experience to warm their hearts and hands.
  • Water: Trickling waterfalls, bubbling fountains or rich blue swimming pools create ambiance, inspiring meditation, relaxation and reshapes an outdoor area into a spa-like retreat.

Tip 3: The View

Designing a space around a view offers homeowners creative direction. Whether the view is a city skyline or a single tree in a concrete garden, it’s worth the effort to display it tastefully. The view plays a pivotal role in any outdoor setting. Situating furniture or other outdoor features to face or frame the scenery presents a one-of-a-kind experience to appreciative onlookers. Thoughtfully-designed outdoor living areas encourage community, making any out-door design worth the time and effort.

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