5 Benefits of a Walkout Basement

When you start to design your custom-built home, you may naturally want to start with all the luxury design elements you desire, such as a gourmet kitchen. But it’s just as important to consider your lifestyle, lot type, and the function of your future home.

For many people, a home design with a walkout basement — a basement with an exterior wall with windows and doors that open to the outside — is the perfect marriage of form and function. Here are five reasons you should consider this design element in your home plan.

  1. A Walkout Basement Takes Advantage of a Sloped Building Site

Finding the perfect building site can be difficult, especially in heavily populated areas or regions of the country with mountainous or hilly terrain. People are often reluctant to buy a sloped building site because the land might not be as usable as a flat building site.

A walkout basement, however, requires a sloped building site, so this type of lot is advantageous to the homeowner who wants all the benefits a walkout basement provides.

  1. A Walkout Basement Is Ideal for Extra Bedrooms 

Traditional subterranean basements are usually relegated to simply housing a home’s mechanical systems — such as the furnace and water heater — storage areas, and perhaps the washer and dryer or a half-bath.

If you plan to remodel and add more bedrooms to your home, however, the basement is ideal. The addition of extra bedrooms in the basement is usually less costly than adding bedrooms to the main living space.

Building codes prohibit bedrooms in basements unless certain conditions are met. To satisfy building codes, home designers add an egress window in each subterranean bedroom. This provides a safe way out in the event of a fire. With a walkout basement, there is a door as well, which provides yet another escape route.

  1. A Walkout Basement Adds Value to Your Home

The square footage of a traditional basement is not counted in a home’s overall square footage. However, realtors and appraisers count the square footage of a finished walkout basement in a home’s overall square footage. Because the home has more living space, the value increases.

Additionally, a walkout basement could provide supplemental income, which also could increase your home’s overall value. If you design your walkout basement to be a self-contained living unit, you can rent it out full-time to a tenant or list it on Airbnb for a vacation rental — a great way to help pay the mortgage.

A self-contained living unit in your walkout basement can also double as a mother-in-law suite for visiting family members or adult children who return home. If zoning laws in your area allow it, you could even set up a professional space with a separate entry, such as an office to see clients.

  1. A Walkout Basement Adds Extra Light

Full basements are dark and dingy. A walkout basement has a door and an entire wall of windows if you want them. Natural light makes the space much more inviting than a dreary traditional basement.

Traditional basements can also be damp and smell musty, and the extra moisture often leads to mold and mildew problems. You don’t need to worry about these potential issues as much with a walkout basement as the light and increased ventilation from the doors and windows discourages moisture problems.

  1. A Walkout Basement Supports Your Lifestyle 

Do you have dogs? Your walkout basement can house a dog mudroom and puppy spa area for dog baths, which spares the main living space from the dirt they may track indoors. Do you enjoy gardening? Set up an indoor greenhouse in your walkout basement to start your plants. If you plant vegetables, you can set up a canning kitchen to make food preservation easier. Enjoy wine? Create a cellar.

Whatever you envision for your future home, we can design it. Contact us today to start plans for your custom-built dream home.

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