5 Luxury Home Design Details That Wow

The devil is in the details. Whether it is a business plan or a fine work of art, the overall quality of almost anything comes down to the details. The same is true in home design. A true craftsman house has small details not always picked up initially, but it helps accent the room or the entire building and really takes it to that next level. For anyone interested in home upgrades or considering buying a luxury home with new features, here are five details to look out for as each possesses a significant wow factor.

Crown Molding

Crown molding instantly takes any room and increases the luxury feel of it. While not functional in any means, it breaks up the wall and ceiling connections, adding in a unique design element. It doesn’t take over a room, but this subtle accent offers an exceptionally beautiful design and a most for any luxury home.

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Cloud Savvy Home

New tech always wows and modern home tech can really take it to the next level. It is possible to connect almost anything to the home’s Wi-Fi network, making it possible to control almost any element from the cloud. Need to unlock the front door for a neighbor checking the mail? Sure thing. A homeowner can do this from 30,000 feet in the air through their smart phone. They can turn off the oven for a baking roast or check the fridge while at the store to find out what is needed. These are small features that completely wow others.

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French Doors

French doors opening up to a two or three seasons room, or even a backyard patio. The doors offer plenty of beautiful light and instantly become a focal point in any room.

Heated Floors

Nobody likes walking on cold floors. Heated floors are part of a true luxury home. These floors have a thermostat and can be changed just like the home’s thermostat. Slippers will never be needed again with the help of heated floors.

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Separate Shower and Bathtub

Having a separate shower and bathtub offers more room for each. It also provides plenty of design options. This way, no matter what a home owner is looking for, they can relax in their oversized bathtub or they can enjoy in a spa-like shower.

While there are other luxury features a home owner can look for, here are five of the best.

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