6 Inspired Ideas for Your Rustic Dining Room

Whether you like to call it “old world,” or “mountain lodge,” a rustic look can bring a beautiful look to any room. Rustic style is a design style with an emphasis on rugged, natural beauty, nature-inspired textures, and unpretentious warmth. It is simple and earth.

Taking a look from mountain lodges and log cabins, rustic home decor focuses on natural materials, such as knotted wood, leather, wrought iron, wool and animal prints. When thinking about your rustic dining room, you’ll want to incorporate some of these elements. Of course, your personal style may be to add these design elements with a restrained hand.  Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to any home owner or designer who wants to incorporate a few new ideas into their rustic dining room. Here are some ideas.

Design Ideas for a Rustic Dining Room

Add Colors Organically

To take advantage of a rustic dining room, colors should come organically. Instead of painting the walls with a set color palette, it should utilize a natural palette with the colors coming in organically. The warming colors of wood, or an inspired color from just outside the window, needs to be the color used inside of a room.

Carefully Use Rustic Elements

A refined touch delivers the biggest impact. Some may think many rustic elements together will make the statement, but the fact is a few well positioned pieces offer most bang for the buck. For example, a cowhide rug can really bring that rustic style home without the need for many more elements.

Natural Lighting

As rustic is all about organic and naturally aging, the room needs to take advantage of natural lighting. The yellowish hues of interior lighting can completely deteriorate the look someone is going for. Ideally, the dining room has windows. Mirrors placed throughout the room can lighten the color tone and give the illusion of more light. For the limited lighting, it needs to have a natural color to it.

Architectural Pieces

It isn’t necessary for someone to go out and purchase expensive art pieces. Instead gong for old architectural pieces can do wonders. Maybe this is an old window or arch made from wood. Weathered wood is a desirable material to use as it maintains a sense of elegance while bringing in the rustic look.

Farm Tables

Farm tables are designed for larger families so the tables tend to be longer and slender. It is possible to strip off the current color, sand it down a bit and offer a whitewash to it without smoothing the table top off.

Stay Elegant With Light Grays and Blues

Just because someone goes rustic doesn’t mean it drops elegance. By using very light grays and blues, it still reflects an air of elegance to the room. Mixed with lighter wood and light gold tones and the room looks almost majestic.

Rustic elements are easy to incorporate, and quite honestly, can integrate with so many other design styles. What are your favorite rustic dining room pieces?

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