Architecture as Signage

There’s a marriage that comes with signage and a building. It formulates a bond between architecture and typography. It is meant to be totally eye-catching whereas the purpose of a standing structure and the graphic beauty of typography meet to add layers of identity and connection.

Architecture as Signage

Signs do not always come after the building has been constructed. It’s not a last minute after-thought. More often than not, they are essential to the very design of the building sometimes imprinted in soaring letters seemingly melting into the concrete or façade.

Architectural signage are words to describe a custom sign assisting in identification within a specific building. They are sometimes created to deliver direction and must be able to present the right information and be universally understandable to people of all cultures.

Signs should have a personality. An architectural sign should take on a life of its own and it should portray what the building it is affixed to, or placed in front of, is all about. It must show the way with effective use of graphics, logos, shapes and sizes as well as incredible colors that draw attention.

Your home, in its very design, may be an architectural signage. Castle structure, New England style with turrets, a modern masterpiece or beach architecture. The home design is essentially a broadcast to all who pass by. It almost tells who you are and it makes a visual statement.

Architectural signage is that perfect mix of beauty and functionality. Putting together those specific tools to show how an organization works. It’s not just aesthetics … it’s a story that accomplishes many purposes from letting people know who you are and what you offer to delivering direction.

In business, your sign can literally brand your site. You don’t have to be a major franchise owner or chain. It will identify you and your business and leave a lasting memory of your location in the potential customer’s mind.

You must be able to communicate with customers immediately and effectively regarding what you are offering. Architectural signage is your link to people whether it is there to promote excitement, impulse or create awareness for your product or service. It’s there to reinforce, influence and mark the building physically as well in the mind of those passing by.

There is so much of a story and connection with the perfect sign which could be an architectural piece in and of itself!

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