Brighten Up! Pendant Lights to Compliment Your Farmhouse Architecture Style

The beauty of the farmhouse architectural style is the extensive ceiling space. It helps make any room feel larger, while the organic nature of exposed wood is both unique and mesmerizing at the same time. This is the perfect kind of architectural style to take advantage of pendant lights. Pendant lighting can instantly add another element of interest with unique designs. Thankfully, whether the farmhouse architectural style is used along with more rustic interior decorating or juxtaposed with a fresh, new age look, there are pendant lighting options available. It all comes down to personal style and taste.

Farmhouse Architectural Style Pendant Lights

Multi-Light Pendant

This pending light option comes with multiple, smaller lights, often hanging from the central fixture. This lighting option method brings with it a host of design looks. Some are evenly spaced, singular lights while others hang in very specific designs. Ultimately, it really just depends on how intricate a home owner wants their lighting.

Factory Pendant

A polished steel or even copper factory pendant is a great look when combined with exposed wood. This kind of light usually is a single fixture that hangs from the ceiling. The polished steel or copper ensures the lighting is directed downward. This can help with larger, more expansive rooms where lighting is difficult. Plus, when used with a more traditional bulb with the internal coil filaments, it goes beautifully with the farmhouse architectural style.

Iron Cage Pendant Light

Instead of providing a cover for part of the bulb, this is a vintage style pendant where a literal cage goes around the bulb. The cage is produced for a specific look and design, but it adds instant interest to the light. It is important for such a pendant to use softer bulbs otherwise the exposed bulb can prove too bright to look at. As the iron cage pendant is designed to generate interest, the kind of bulb that goes with it is important. As this style is a vintage look, using the old fashion bulbs with the internal coil filaments is another excellent combination.

Glass Pendant

With a glass pendant the bulb is protected with a glass fixture as it hangs from the ceiling. This can help defuse the light a bit, which is helpful when using brighter bulbs. Plus, some glass can come with a set color or tint, which is fun as it adds a different color to the ceiling and nearby walls. Some glass can be frosted while others have an oblong curve to it, which can throw light a bit differently due to the shape of the glass.

LED Pendant

LED lighting provides a few different benefits. First, the lighting style is more cost effective and lasts longer from a more traditional bulb (and far longer than the internal filament bulbs). This also means a home owner won’t need to replace the bulbs as often, which can prove difficult when hanging from an elevated ceiling. LED pendants can also be shaped differently. So, when the interior uses a modern decor combined with the farmhouse architectural style, this is a great option. Proper lighting helps complete any space, which is why LED pendants provide an excellent look for modern interior designs.

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The farmhouse architectural style is unique, expansive and it opens itself up for a wide range of decorating potential. To properly have the interior illuminated, pendant lights provide a unique and exciting option. With so many different pendant light styles, every home owner can keep to their personal style while highlighting the unique farmhouse architectural style. These are just a few of the exciting pendant lighting options to choose from.