Chase Away Winter’s Chill – Fabulous Fireplaces to Inspire

Fireplaces have a long history. What originated as a primary heating source – as well as other domestic uses such as cooking – has morphed into a feature designed to create a relaxing ambiance (and in some cases, it does still serve the function of heating a room).

Taking it a step beyond, recent findings have also confirmed that “hearth and campfires induce relaxation as part of a multi-sensory, absorptive, and social experience”. Want a drop in blood pressure? Install a fireplace!

Now, with new technological advances, you can do more with fireplaces than ever before. Get inspired with this gallery of fabulous fireplaces designed by Stillwater Architecture.

Modern Fireplaces

A trend of sleek and modern fireplaces with clean, linear lines with less metal and more glass.

Modern fireplaces are streamlined additions with minimal footprint. They integrate seamlessly into any room.

Western Style Fireplaces

This style is a throwback to how it all began. Encased in rocks, in a rustic style, it takes you back to what you’d envision how your ancestors enjoyed a fire.

Talk about lowering your blood pressure! These robust fixtures with crackling logs are sure to make anyone relax.

Traditional Fireplaces

These beauties are designed to fit into just about any decor. Not too big, not too small – they are perfectly sized for any room.

Warming ambiance that is well-suited for a wide-array of design styles.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Getting back to our roots, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed designing these outdoor fireplaces. Did you know that outdoor living spaces in climates such as Bozeman, Montana and Boulder, Colorado are on the rise?

outdoor fireplaces

outdoor fireplaces

Why not include this relaxing and practical design feature?

No matter what style of fireplace you choose to incorporate, we hope these fabulous fireplaces inspire you in your next custom home design! To view our entire fireplace gallery, go here.