Questions to Ask When Hiring a Chicago Residential Architect

For home owners interested in building in the Chicago area, customizing your home can help transform it into a more personalized living space. In order to do this though it will take a Chicago residential architect. Before going out and hiring the first architect listed in a Google search, there are specific questions any potential home buyer needs to ask the professional.

What to Consider with a Chicago Residential Architect

chicago residential architect

Past Work

Asking about past work is a must. This showcases their particular style and craftsmanship. Some architects specialize in modern architecture while others carry out a traditional architecture style. It doesn’t mean one architect can’t move to a different style, but it generally is best to go with a Chicago architect who has a comfort level with the desired style of home.

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Past Clients

Beyond the style and look an architect provides, it is essential to ask for past client reviews or referrals. The portfolio an architect shows off only includes their best work. It doesn’t include the inferior designs (if they have any), nor does it include whether they remained on budget and on time. By obtaining previous client information, it is possible to look in on this. Knowing whether or not an architect sticks to a budget or they go well over the agreed upon amount and take longer than promised is a must.

How Much Will It Cost

From time to time unexpected expenses can pop up. However, a professional architect should understand the possibilities in addition to the cost of material. Due to this, the Chicago residential architect should be able to provide a rather accurate price before starting. Having this before starting the project is necessary, otherwise the price of the project might mysteriously begin to grow. 

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When Will It Be Done

The architect should have a firm grasp onto how long the project will take. After all, home owners do not want work dust everywhere, not to mention strangers coming in and out of the house for longer than necessary. 

By asking a Chicago residential architect these questions, it helps establish not only what the architect is capable of doing, but ensures the home owner they are using the right professional for the job. Properly vetting any service provider is a must. These questions should serve as the final step in hiring the best residential architect for any home owner’s building design needs.

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