Colorado Luxury Homes: The Hottest Must Haves

Colorado is the perfect designation for anyone looking to invest in a second home. Not only is the region one of the most sought after home destinations in the United States, but the ability to take in all four seasons while still remaining affordable makes it that much more of an attractive investment. Custom homes allow interested buyers to tailor design the perfect home for their particular needs. Like anywhere else in the country, there are hot trends to consider, both in terms of overall design and in general appearance. So, for anyone interested in custom homes in Colorado, it is highly recommended to take into consideration these design and construction trends in the state.

What’s Hot in Today’s Colorado Luxury Homes

White is the New Black

White color palettes have grown in popularity throughout Colorado in recent years. White kitchen cabinets, pared with a warm wood gives the feeling of an inviting home without going over the top. It also beautifully reflects the appearance outside of the home, as it maintains a welcoming, organic look to it. In addition, the white and warm wood reflects lighting, opening the space up and making it feel larger. With a white color palette the lighting fixtures can use organic lighting to help add a touch of warmth into the room.

Vintage and Rustic Looks

What once was old is now new again. Taking vintage furniture and repurposing it into new-looking furniture has proven to be popular over the years. However, the trend has continued into the actual design and construction of the house itself. Rustic, stain-free wood is proving to be more popular, in addition to older stone and the more traditional building materials over the more modern look.

Warm Metals

Warm metals are starting to come back. While the older brass of the 90s has not made its way back into popular design, gold and copper are both more desirable than ever. The metals are often paired along with warm woods.

The beauty of custom homes in Colorado is a home buyer can design what works for them. Even if it is not the trendy styles used in current homes, what matters is the buyer is satisfied with the look. So whether a raw white color palette is used, mixed patterns are incorporated or vintage is brought into the house, it always comes down to what exactly the interested home owner wants to bring into their home.

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