Cottage Homes: The Perfect Vacation Space

Cottage homes are fast becoming an ideal destination for a family vacation. Although the word “cottage” brings to mind a tiny, one-room space made of natural materials (think “Hansel and Gretel”), cottages in America are typically larger and decidedly more modern. Their compact size, usually one or two bedrooms, living room, and kitchen, makes them a cozy, but livable space, perfect for small families and empty-nesters alike. Staying in a cottage home while on vacation encourages the travelers to get out and explore their surroundings, or to stay in and spend quality time together.

What Is a Cottage?

Cottages are typically considered to be small, cozy, old-fashioned dwellings, often built in a rural setting. However, more modern cottage style homes are often larger, with more amenities while still giving that quaint look and feel.

Cottage Homes Are the Perfect Size

Cottages can be found all over the world, and there is a perfect size and location for any family. They can even be built from scratch, on purchased land, and custom created to fit a family’s unique needs and lifestyle. They can be simple in structure and amenities, or more grand in scale and with all modern conveniences available. Popular areas include mountain ridges, forests, lake sides, ski resorts, river fronts, beaches and quiet, quaint towns. A cottage home is, ideally, much like a second home for those who visit.

Cottage Homes Are Versatile

Cottage homes can be rented, leased, or purchased. Buying one has multiple advantages; not only can the owner remodel and decorate to suit their tastes, their favorite vacation space will always be ready when they are. Owning vacation cottage homes also grants the ability to rent the space out to other vacationers when the family is not there to use it, which will produce extra income. Many owners are able to have the cottage “pay for itself” by using this option. Finally, the cottage will become a part of their estate, a staple in their family’s memories, and an heirloom to pass on to future generations. Explore our Traditional Home Gallery and get inspired for your next home!

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