Decorating Ideas for Your Craftsman Style Home

Houses constructed in the craftsman style became part of the American culture in the early years of the 20th century. The houses are truly different from the richly decorated Victorian mansions that existed in affluent areas in America. Most craftsman style homes are simple in nature and they are almost always at one with nature. Decorating a house of this style is as per individual taste, but mixing new and old decorative themes have a great effect.

Here are tips for decorating such a home.

  • Color ideas: Homes in the craftsman style include earth browns, sunset orange, yellow sunlight, and shades of green and blue. Some will also feature elegant greys as well. To avoid a heavy ambience, one can try combining both dark and light shades of the same color. Allowing some spaces to be covered by a neutral colors complete classy paint work.
  • The floor: A common floor theme in craftsman style homes is an entryway adorned with a mosaic of tiles, letting one into inner rooms with either stone, cork, bamboo, wood and natural material floors. These complement the earth tones such houses carry. Rugs that are not overly decorated fit into such homes quite well, especially if they come in earth colors as well.
  • The furniture: New homes in the craftsman style could be challenging to furnish. This is because a lot of modern furniture will not sit well with the earth tones in these houses. Browsing through antique furniture stores and websites might yield some interesting pieces. A clever mix of old and new breaks the monotony of all brown oak pieces in all rooms. Natural wood, especially multi panel fronts of the cabinets are quite common and fitting to craftsman style homes.
  • Lighting: Homes in this style are not lighted with the elaborate chandeliers you’ll find as standard in Victorian homes. The lighting here is more utilitarian and the use of iron, copper and such metals complement the whole craftsman idea. Glass in colored shades is a hallmark of this construction style too.
  • Accessorizing: Handmade porch furniture and doors as well as flower pots in earthen tones are superb for craftsman style homes. A wooden rocking chair on the porch will be in its right place too. The essential thing is to think vintage when accessorizing a craftsman style house. In the house, heirlooms and early pictures adorn the walls for a complete craftsman feel.

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