Decorating Your Traditional Architectural Style Home for The Holidays

Whether planning for a party or just bringing in some holiday spirit, there’s nothing like a home decorated for this time of the year. But beyond the Christmas tree, stockings or maybe that old wreath on the front of the door, what are some options to decorating a traditional architectural style home for the holidays? Here are a few fun ideas that can liven up just about any home.

Traditional Architectural Style Holiday Decor Ideas

Change Up the Wreath

Having a wreath is a great decoration, but it doesn’t mean you need to go with the overdone evergreen look. Why not bring a bit more color into it? If someone lives in a warmer location, consider creating a wreath out of citrus.  Some other ideas for a unique wreath could be a toy wreath, an advent calendar wreath, or even a candy cane wreath! Get more fun wreath ideas in this post from blogger Stephanie Lynn.

Ornaments Are More Than Just For Trees

There are some great ornaments available at the store, but what is the point when someone already has boxes of ornaments for their tree? A great way to bring in color to home is to use varying size ornaments on stands, in baskets and used as centerpieces. It reflects lighting to add a warm glow to the rest of the room.

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Use the Mantel

When it comes to traditional architectural style, the mantle is one of the most overlooked areas of the use, but it should be taken advantage of. Draping a mantel with greenery and some fresh, white flowers (anything from orchids to amaryllis) can really spruce up the room and give it that beautiful feeling of life. Plus, the white flowers replicate the look of falling snow.

Add Plants in Other Places, Too

traditional architectural style christmas decor

Poinsettia’s are a wonderful additional to any home decor. They bring an element of life and color into your space, as well as symbolism. Legends state that the shape of the poinsettia flower led the Wise Men to Jesus because of it’s star shape, and the red colored leaves symbolize the blood of Christ. Use tables throughout the home to add varying sizes and colors of these historic plants.

Frost It Up

Silver is popular now and should be used. Have an old wreath or decoration that is not aging well? Use a can of silver spray paint to update it instantly. Adding in a dash of color (such as one or two red leafs or maybe a gold pine cone) will make the entire display pop.

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During the winter months the nights become longer which means it is darker, quicker. A properly decorated traditional home should bring in additional lighting. Christmas lights can be used in more ways than just the outside. Wrapping the lights around bamboo plant stakes gives the illusion of a lit tree both inside and out.

What are your favorite ways to add holiday cheer to your traditional home?

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