Fabulous Farmhouse Design Ideas to Try

Enjoying renewed popularity, the traditional farmhouse design style has withstood the test of time. Some of the characteristics of farmhouse design are: functional, oversized porches that stretch around the home, a steeply pitched roof, sometimes accented by dormers and gables and unpretentious, straightforward and functional overall design. The farmhouse style is very versatile; therefore, you can play it in a few different ways.

Looking for some farmhouse design decorating ideas to try out? Here are you can try:

 Rustic kitchen

Nothing says farmhouse like a wood butcher-block countertop. Wood gives off a glow and has a texture that other countertops cannot provide. Several years ago, the price of wooden countertops was sky-high, but times have changed. Moreover, the wear and tear of these countertops just add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Rustic bathroom

A farmhouse bathroom is a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. The most common fixtures in this area include clawfoot tubs and large sinks. However, if you want your bathroom to have a rustic look, you should consider installing an apron front sink. The most common style is the white ceramic single bowl sink, but you can install the more practical double-sink bowl.

Chic bedroom

In the past, beadboard was used as a decorative wall treatment – this was before wall plaster, paint, and drywall became common. Nothing says farmhouse chic quite like beadboard. You can use it in your bedroom for a more appealing look.

Organic appeal

Living on a farm is all about digging, harvesting, sowing, and growing. Therefore, it is only natural to include Mother Nature in your decorating ideas. In the dining room, place birch-log chairs around an antique farm table. To top off this look, hang a twiggy chandelier above the setup. Drapery fabrics and woodland-motif upholstery will enhance the dining room’s organic look.

Layer in age

To add some age to your home, use furnishings that have been marked by time. All your furniture should look like it has been passed down for generations. The inherited appeal and century-old feeling are vital to the style of your farmhouse. To create an aged ambiance, you need to purchase weathered furnishings and use barn boards. For old-looking and permanent flooring, install hand-scraped wood flooring.

Vintage feel

To achieve a vintage feel you need to repaint your home with brighter colors and make a fashion statement with flea-market products. You can repurpose each old item and use it to make your house feel homey. If you want to be more eco-friendly, you should reuse materials whenever possible. For instance, you could use barn wood to make headboards and tables.

When considering farmhouse design, layer in old with new, traditional with rustic to create a truly unique look.