Five Elements of Modern Colorado Architecture

Most regions throughout the United States take on slightly different architectural features, typically based on natural surroundings. A modern home in Arizona has different characteristics than something in Florida or Maine. The same is true in Colorado. Colorado modern architecture brings about different elements a home owner may not find in other regions of the country. Due to this, understanding five different elements of modern Colorado architecture makes it possible to appreciate the styling more.

Colorado Modern Architecture


In Colorado, simplicity is essential in design. The homes are designed to fit flawlessly with the natural surroundings, and anything overly complex destroys this illusion. Due to this, home owners and potential buyers will likely not find anything overly complicated, at least in terms of styles. Ornate structures with intricate details is not something likely to be found here. The house is to blend into the natural surroundings, not dominate it.

Organic Looking

With the look of a home designed to fit into the natural surroundings, homes are often constructed with organic material. This includes wood logs and stone. By utilizing natural materials form the local area as well as matching colors with the property, Colorado modern architecture looks as if the buildings were forged organically instead of being built.

Doesn’t Hide Anything

Think of the interior of a log cabin. All of the joints, beams and planks are exposed. This is a common characteristic of Colorado modern architecture. There is nothing to hide. Exposed wood on the interior is open, with more structural supports on full display than what is common in other designs. This sticks with the simplicity and organic look. It truly is a beautiful, modern cabin design that helps bring owners closer to nature while still utilizing the very best in technology.

Multiple Roof Lines

In Colorado, one of the most common features of a modern home is multiple roof lines. This means the home does not just have one or two roofs, but a variety of angles and heights. It provides visual interest from the outside yet it also provides the natural, organic look as most surrounding trees and vegetation comes in an assortment of heights as well.

Flowing Outdoor Space

Colorado modern architecture features flowing outdoor space that often moves to the interior of the home as well. This means many rooms open up to the outside, providing large (multiple) patios and atriums on the modern Colorado home.

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