Five Things Successful Architects Do For You

This is a great time to acquire a vacation home. Whether the target home is to be built new or an existing home that will require extensive remodeling, it is always wise to employ a successful and professional architect. Just as with any other profession, architects can be competent, incompetent, or fall somewhere in the middle. Considering how much money (and future satisfaction) is at stake, it just makes sense to go with one the is very competent and that enjoys a stellar reputation. But what are the factors make an architect successful?

Here are five basic things to take into consideration when seeking to hire successful architects:


Successful architects have the habit of establishing a clear channel of communication from the beginning of the project and maintains it until the end. During the initial consultation the architect should interview the client and listen to what the client’s vision for the final outcome is. This will also involve asking questions and making suggestions. Once enough details have been established the architect should provide sketches and solicit feedback from the client before drawing up the blueprints.

Forward Thinking

They are not afraid to think out of the box and take design risks. In many cases, vacation homes are not as pedestrian as the primary residence; rather they are structures designed for relaxation and should reflect the owner’s personalities in ways not represented in the primary residence. The architect must be able to intuit the client’s personality and make suggestions based on what they “read.”

It’s All About the Details

They pay attention to detail. It’s one thing to design a new structure or makeover, but it is quite another thing to make design decisions that make everything work together no matter how minute the detail. A successful architect will not only understand the big picture, but will also be able to conceptualize the details that hold everything together. An unsuccessful architect will tend to subscribe to a “plug and play” mentality without considering the impact that details offer. Sourcing the proper materials might carry a higher price tag, but the benefits are enormous.

Designs for Living

They consider the design’s impact on all of the senses. Too many architects simply consider the visual aspect of their designs. It is important to remember that regardless of what is pictured on the blueprint, the client will be living in a home that takes all the senses into consideration. Does the client desire to enjoy the smell of the sea or the sound of a bubbling brook? The successful architect will take these things into consideration and align the home, patio, deck, and windows to take advantage of these things within the constraints of the local building codes.


They will employ a hands-on relationship with the general contractor and any subcontractors for the duration of the project. It is nice to imagine that once the blueprints are submitted and the building permits are pulled, the job is done. Not so in the real world. Circumstances change, client’s desires evolve based on current work progress, and also consider that problems may be encountered along the way. Close day-to-day communication between the architect and the builders will go a long way towards a smooth project and harmonious finished product with minimal changes.

Finding a top-notch architect is one of the most important things vacation home-buying clients can do; it forms the bedrock of a well-implemented and satisfactory outcome when the time comes to enjoy that downtime. Potential home-buyers would be well-advised to take the necessary time to locate and employ an architect that is successful and has a good reputation.

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