Four Rustic Style Architecture Trends We Love

Rustic Style Architecture blended with modern amenities is not only on-trend, it has the staying power of a classic. Inspired by the American Craftsman style, and gaining steam with the farmhouse furor, rustic style architecture just keeps gaining popularity. This is a trend you can cling to for the long-run.

Here are four rustic style architecture trends we love.

Rustic Style Architecture

Timber Frame

Timber Frame homes have been popular for ages and there is no end in sight for this fad. Timber frame homes, as opposed to the typical stick-built houses, require large frames that are primarily exposed. Typically with high, vaulted ceilings, these homes have a wow-factor that is hard to beat. Beams are larger and stronger than the traditional stick-built home so they are much easier to configure an open floor plan. Timber framed homes are bold yet classic in design and are sure to be remembered.

Modern Infusion – Industrial Style, Upscale Features

Rustic style infused with modern features is vogue right now and is pure perfection both in aesthetics and functionality. By combining timeless rustic features with modern components it is possible to have the best-of-the-best design worlds. While modern homes can feel cold and less than homey, pairing the rustic style with the clean, modern look gives a home a feeling of comfort and welcome. Infusing the industrial style into this trend only lends to the functionality of the home. Mixing steel, wood, and clean lines has never been more popular.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Although not entirely a rustic craze, the increased popularity of indoor-outdoor spaces opens up infinite possibilities for a home’s design. What used to be separated into kitchens, dining rooms, decks, and porches can now all be opened up into a single area. These spaces are no longer limited to barbecue grills and a rolling island. Outdoor fireplaces, water features, and even outdoor theaters are gaining popularity. Complete with infrared lighting and heaters, this living space easily becomes a well-lived part of the house.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Stemming from the industrial trend, floor-to-ceiling steel or timber-framed windows are also timeless and classic. From an architecture standpoint, this is a trend we love to stand behind. From remodeled mid-century modern houses to the latest farmhouses, floor to ceiling windows are always a show-stopper. The saying “You can never have too many windows” has never been truer.

If you are looking to purchase a house or have one built, any of these trends would be worth looking adding to your wish-list.