Get the Secret to Award Winning Home Designs

What sets an award winning home design apart from the rest? While the award can vary based on the unique tastes of the organization, institution or publication presenting the award, there are often a handful of design elements used in modern award winning home designs. For anyone considering a new home, these aspects should be incorporated into the new design.

How Do I Get Award Winning Home Designs?

Be a Part of the Environment

Award winning home designs take advantage of the local environment. There is a reason why Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes are so adorned. It isn’t just because of the intricate woodworking or ornate details, it is because of how he built the homes around nature and because they seamlessly fit into their environment. Award winning designs do not need to have running waterfalls move through the center of the house. However, having the construction built within the landscape will set the home apart from the rest.

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Make It Eco Friendly

On top of incorporating the landscaping into the design of the home, eco friendly construction is bigger now more than ever before. This does include eco based material, such as shingles constructed from recycled materials, but it goes beyond reusable construction material. The ability to reduce energy consumption is now a major part of award winning home designs. Building material can reduce the amount of lost energy while even allowing a home to generate its own energy or collect water for personal use. Some of these eco friendly designs may not work in certain residential areas based on building codes and HOA requirements, but for others, it is an important part in saving energy, reducing water waste while also building a solid home. Many award winning designs are more than just about the build and design. It is also about function.

Consider the Materials

The materials used help set award winning designs from a traditional home. The use of organic materials has really exploded in recent years. Exposed wood has made a comeback and now everything from wood flooring to naked beams and planks is more popular now than it has been in decades. However, it isn’t just granite and wood. It is alternative, organic material that can reduce costs yet prove just as attractive and durable. Designers are often looking for ways to bring in new looks while utilizing unique materials. Offering a different take on a traditional look helps set the entire design apart, even if it is constructed in a similar way. This is another key component to creating award winning designs.

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