Home Design Trends to Watch in 2017

The New Year is a perfect time to begin home remodel projects. From a simple accent wall to finally tackling that kitchen project, there is always a way to spruce up the home. Interior design trends generally evolve a bit slower over time, but staying on top of the curve can help with resale value and just give the house a fresh, vibrant feel. While the year is still young, here are some of the best home design trends 2017 has to offer.

Home Design Trends 2017

Mixed Patterns

Often times interior design closely mirrors that of fashion trends. So, when one pattern emerges in the fashion industry it likely will begin appearing for home use as well. Mixed patterns is one such trend. Mixing patterns offers instant interest to any space. Adding throw pillows of one pattern onto a sofa of another can add that fresh pop. However, the color tones still need to match. This ensures there is still some design flow from one object to the next.


For renters and owners tired of the do-it-yourself movement, this comes as good news. DIY projects can be fun, but for those who don’t have the time, patience or energy, it often left much to be desired. Artisan designs, ranging from light fixtures to vases, have a unique, elegant look. The idea here is to have a piece stand out for its quality craftsmanship. It is something not anyone can make, but instead comes from an artist who has spent decades honing their craft.


When looking for new furniture, texture is in. Instead of going with a sofa with clean, straight and simple lines, pleating adds a bit of texture and interest to it. Additionally, the pleating helps bring in more shadow interest as well, so for those who don’t want to opt into multiple patterns, a pleated sofa and throw pillows add a sophisticated pattern without using prints or several colors. A velvet sofa gives a nice soft touch to the skin, yet for people on a budget, velour offers a similar feel for a lower price.

Faux Material

Who has the money to spend on high-end oriental rugs or expensive marble. For home owners on a budget, this is one of the home design trends 2017 welcomes the most. Faux material isn’t just in to save money though. Often times imitation products last longer. Composite wood beams do now bow and warp like traditional wood (and look more realistic now than ever before). On the other hand, an engineered quartz costs less than other organic stone materials yet is more heat and acid resistant than naturally produced stone.

Ditch the Black

Black seems to go in waves. During the 1980s black was in. Multiple times over the last several decades, black has made a comeback. However, now is the time to ditch black. Instead, go with a navy. This deeper blue provides a similar accent but instead of being void of color, navy gives just a beautiful, subtle touch to take interior design trends over the top. A navy accent wall can look beautiful, and for kitchens, many appliance manufacturers now offer stainless steel in matt colors, including navy.

While other trends will emerge over the next 12 months, these are some of the latest and most popular. So from changing a room’s color palette to furniture ideas, these home design trends 2017 currently features will offer a fresh take to almost any living space. Thankfully, several of the options are actually money saving opportunities, which is great news for anyone looking to perform upgrades on their home’s interior design.