How to Choose the Right Rug For Your Modern Home

Nothing can bring together the decorative elements of a home like a rug can.  The right rug can turn cold rooms cozy, add color and flare, define different spaces, and add comfort where it’s needed and welcomed the most… underfoot. Whether your family’s style is contemporary, traditional, modern, or rustic, the possibilities are endless. How to choose the right rug for your modern home can be overwhelming, though. This guide should help make choosing a rug for your modern home a fun task.

Ideas for Choosing the Right Rug for Your Modern Home.

Rug Construction

Choose a rug for your modern home that is functional, not just pretty. Is the rug going to be in a high traffic area? Woven rugs tend to hold the test. Is your family the owner of a pet? Avoid rugs with a looped construction, instead go for the cut-pile construction. When you choose the right rug for your modern day home, think of the lifestyle of your family.

Composition of the Rug

Rugs are made of synthetic or natural materials. Natural fibers like wool or silk, even though they can be more costly, typically are better quality and last longer than other natural fibers like cotton or jute. Synthetics are the most affordable and come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Rugs Come in All Sizes and Shapes

Choose a rug to make the room feel comfortable. A rug too small will get lost and one too big is overwhelming.  And don’t get a rug so large that it touches the baseboards. Add shapes to spice things up. In a living room, shoot for the ovals compared to octagonal or oval shaped rugs under tables of the same shapes.

Choosing a Rug Design

Think about the details of the entire room. For a room with busy wallpaper or upholstery, the rug should be a solid color. On the flip side of the coin, if the room has neutral tones for paint or upholstery, the rug should have a bold pattern.

Thinking about what goes underfoot in your modern decor can really spice up the space. What are your favorite ideas for adding a rug to your space?