Is It Time to Transform Your House Into a Dream Home? Questions to Ask.

Vacation homes are nice, but they are called vacation homes for a reason.  They are hideaways, escapes from the pressures of daily reality.  Finding that same sense of refuge within one’s own home can be a whole lot more difficult.

It isn’t impossible, however.  That’s what dream home making is for!  But first, dream home makers need to ask a few questions.

What features do I want in my dream home?

It sounds simple enough, but this should be the first question that homeowners ask before renovating their residence into their dream home.  Even highly successful homeowners who have “accomplished their dreams” may have a hard time knowing what exactly those dreams are.

At this stage, it’s almost better to just imagine that the home being renovated isn’t even there.  What does the house that would be there in its place look like?  Go into detail.  Would it have a fireplace in the bathroom?  Or just a kitchen full of state-of-the-art appliances?

What do I like about what I already have?

Once potential renovators know what they want, it’s time to take a look at what they already have.  Don’t throw out the good with the bad.  If the rest of the house is a bust but the cozy little breakfast nook makes it feel like home, keep the breakfast nook, or at least the idea of it.

Is what I want realistic?

If the current residence a homeowner has is in a suburb with a good school system, but they have dreamt up an exotic seaside resort or mountain retreat, it may be time to relocate!  But that probably isn’t a possibility.  Also, turning that a Victorian mansion into a modern design may be unrealistic.  Once they have their dream spelled out, renovators need to consider un-dream-like things like zoning restrictions and budgets.

What is the plan?

If the first three questions have been answered, a plan is already in place.  Now it needs to be refined.  Remember, the more that can be planned out ahead of time, the better.  Walls are a lot easier to erase on floor plans than in real life.  The aid of either a reliable, skilled custom builder or a highly trained, visionary architect will be invaluable at this point.

A dream home can be a reality home.  The trick is to focus on refining and perfecting the dream part.  So, by all means, dream on and be sure to contact when you’re ready to turn your dream into reality!

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