Log Home Maintenance – How to Care for Your Log Home

Log homes offer a beautiful, unique way of living. Based on how homes hundreds of years ago were constructed throughout the United States, many improvements have been made to offer a truly different take on the interior and exterior of a modern home. With the beauty and craftsmanship of a log home, such a location does require slightly different home care. After all, by ditching many of the metals, plastics and other modern fabrication elements, wood needs a different kind of attention. So, for anyone considering the purchase of a log home, cabin, cottage or anything else of the sorts, understanding how to care for such a property is important.

Log Home Maintenance – 3 Tips

Annual Washing

Washing a traditional home may just require a good power washing from time to time. A log cabin is a bit different. This is because both the interior and exterior requires a deep cleaning that is also made specifically for wood. When it comes to the inside of a house, the best cleaner is a wood restorer cleaning solution. This keeps the wood looking beautiful, helps prevent drying out and helps it maintain its current moisture level. These kinds of cleaners are not as inexpensive as the regular tile cleaners from the grocery store though. A quality wood restorer may end up costing over $100 for five gallons or so (although this is usually cut with water, which doubles the amount you use). The cleaning only need to take place annually, and there is a good chance this purchase will last more than a single cleaning, but it is a price to keep in mind (not to mention the amount of time it takes to wipe down an entire house constructed from wood).

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More Frequently Staining

Anyone who owns a home with a wood deck understands the importance of applying a new stain to the wood every few years. This helps maintain the beautiful luster of the wood and helps avoid cracking. The same is true with a log home. Some rooms and areas of the home may not require the stain every three years, but for areas with increased light exposure (such as rooms with large, open windows) the sun will fade the stain. This means applying the stain every few years is vital in extending the life of the wood.

As every room is a bit different in sun exposure, it is important to know when applying stain is needed. After all, it is easier to apply stain to just one room instead of an entire house when possible. For home owners applying a latex stain, once the finish is dull and faded, it is time for another coat. For oil based stains, the best sign of needing another application is the knot. If the knots look blonde, the wood needs another coat. This is another annual cost that can add up, so potential log home owners, it is necessary to consider the cost of staining an entire 1,500 square foot wood home.


Chinking is a flexible sealant used in between logs when the home is built. The chinking material used should last several decades. However, when the temperature fluctuates around the house, it increases deterioration. Having a professional come out annually to inspect the chinking helps spot areas that need replacing. Patching and filling in cracks reduces moisture from entering the home and bug problems.

There are a handful of additional home maintenance steps a potential log home owner needs to follow in order to keep their house looking beautiful. These are some of the most common steps an owner will need to follow.

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