Modern Farmhouse Architecture – Flooring Ideas

What is it about a farmhouse that makes us feel all warm and comfortable? When we think about farmhouses, the first things that come to mind are a feeling of family togetherness, big rambling open spaces and rustic charm.

Do you want to recreate this farmhouse look at your current home? If yes, you’re probably searching for a modern interpretation of farmhouse style. We have plenty of flooring ideas to make your home scream ‘modern farmhouse’.

Modern Farmhouse Flooring Options

Dark hardwood floors

Nothing says farmhouse more effectively than dark hardwood flooring! If your floors are dark wood, then get lighter toned furniture that will act as a nice contrast and make the room come alive. Also, if you have dark hardwood floors, go with white walls for maximum effect.

Tuscan terracotta tile

A beautiful rusty red terracotta tiled floor will also instantly transform your home into a modern day farmhouse. It will instantly brighten up the room’s atmosphere and give it that homey lived-in look. Pair it with an antique pine bench or other pine furniture for best results.

Natural stone floors

These are sturdy, unique and will give your home a look of its own. They are extremely long lasting and can be used in practically any room in the house. Stone floors can bring a whole lot of texture and color to any home and add instant warmth as well!

Parquet floors

These are basically geometrically patterned hardwood floors which give a room a very unique and magazine worthy look. Engineered parquet floors are quite popular today and you can avail of them in a number of patterns like chevron, herringbone, brick style and basket weave.

Laminated floors

If your budget is not too stretchable, laminated floors are a great way to go. The best thing about laminated floors is that you can get ones which look exactly like wooden floors, but you don’t have to worry about maintenance.

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