Mountain Mod – Design Ideas for Modern Outdoorsy Families

There really is nothing like getting away from it all and enjoying the finer things in life with a modern, mountain home. With it comes peace and quiet, beautiful views, fresh air and the soft, comforting sounds of nature. Sometimes it really is the smaller things in life that make it worth living. However, for the modern outdoorsy family looking to up their mountain modern design, it is necessary to take into account a hose of different design ideas. This way, the home can not only be modern, but still provide that perfect, mountain getaway.

Easy Ways to Embrace Mountain Modern Design

Going Green

If there is one place going green really fits in, it is in the mountains. Now it makes more sense than ever before. Some cabin, cottage or mountain home owners in previous years would have never thought about installing any kind of solar or green equipment onto the home as it completely destroys the aesthetic of the property. After all, solar panels on wood just kind of destroys the illusion of turning back the clock. Well, thankfully there are other ways to really upgrade the design without destroying the look. Outdoor lighting can rely on solar panels inside of the light. This way, home owners can enjoy their mountain property on the outside, without actually paying for the electricity. Everything is solar.

Smaller design looks, including window solar stickers that charge cell phones can work great. This equipment helps people charge their cell phones, tablets or GPS units for that hiking adventure, so nobody needs to plug in. It really helps make the mountain life that much more relaxing.

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Everything Natural

Living in the mountain, there is just something about a natural, organic feel to the home. Mountain modern design should always bring in plenty of organic, natural material, such as wood and stone. Furniture can include wood elements, as is the case with tables and other decorations.

Now, nobody needs to turn their mountain home into a camping lodge for the guys with animal rugs and mounted, stuffed heads (unless they want to of course), but staying with organic, natural material really helps reflect the outside world on the inside of the home.

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Keep it Simple

Being outside with the family is all about the simple things in life. It is enjoying what makes life great. A modern design should also be simple.

Mountain modern design should be sleek and inviting, eco and earth friendly. The focal point being comfort in natural surroundings.