Must-Try Modern Home Design Decorating Tips

Clean and inviting, modern home design is forward-thinking in style, amenities and personality. Whether you’re embarking on your next vacation home or simply incorporating elements of a modern home one room at a time, here are some tips to consider.

Here are a few modern home design tips.

Minimalistic Decor

The simplicity of this home design is what has captured the imagination of so many people. The fewer pieces of furniture, the better (within reason, of course). The whole idea of this technique is to make the window the center of the room’s attention. Minimalist decor is often done to beach houses or hillside houses. Having a large window in the living room will give you the perfect view of these sceneries. Not adding intricacies will create a sense of freedom; the design creates a natural free effect to the house.

Smart Kitchen

The kitchen is often defined as the heart and soul of the house; this is the room that generally brings the house together. A smart kitchen offers plenty of workspace, typically with an oversized island and includes wifi-enabled appliances. By adding an island in your smart kitchen, you will have the opportunity to have more working room. The Island can be made in many designs; you can have a marble top or design it to use it as a food serving area. Top of the line appliances can be communicated with through smart phones, be controlled remotely or even allow you to watch TV on your refrigerator. Take a peak at 8 Smart Kitchen Innovations from CES 2014.

Fusion of Old and New Home Designs

Some modern homes come off with a retro effect. This modern home design has any varieties, but one of the most popular models is bring a little vintage decor into the clean lines of the modern home. Add in dark wood touches to fuse the two looks even more.

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a great addition to the modern home. Not only does it offer the ideal setting to store your wine at the optimal temperature, you can also design it with enough space to host small gatherings for wine tastings. For the true wine enthusiast this great space is perfect for storing, gathering and aging wine in the cellar of their modern home. Click here for tips on How to Stock Your Wine Cellar.

Modern Bedroom

Cool colors and warm finishes can make a modern bedroom jaw-dropping. A respect of the architecture brings together a seamless look.

It is advised by many modern home design experts that you also experiment with patterns other than colors.  You would be surprised how beautifully different patterns merge to create that perfect masterpiece.

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