The New Traditional Architecture

When looking at architectural styles for a new home, home owners may come across the term “new traditional architecture.” Some refer to it as new classical architecture, but the idea is more or less the same. It is the recreation of classical looks. Sometimes these traditional architectural stylings include some updated features, blending traditional with modern, but for the most part, one can look at it as a throwback to these classical styles from the past.

New Traditional Architecture in Your Home

New traditional architecture may differ, depending on the kind of work home owners want done or the project in question. Many modern buildings now utilize columns, relief carvings and intricate woodwork, similar to both colonial construction, Victorian era and even back into the time of the Roman empire (relief sculptures above an opening designed in a triangular design is a very Romanesque appearance, although even the Romans took this look from the ancient Greeks). Architectural styles, much like art and fashion are continually redone and reborn. This is great if there is a particular style an owner likes from a previous time period. With new traditional architecture, it is easier to find an architect with the skill sets to recreate these looks.

Home Styles

While home owners might see relief carvings and Romanesque columns in commercial buildings, museums and other major renovations around town, they may not find it in the residential area. Outside of large mansions, they may simply not have the work area to utilize these kinds of looks. Thankfully, there are plenty of more traditional residential architecture styles for the home. Victorian features are making a comeback, as slender columns with gently sloping facades are becoming popular again, as are the full walk around patios.

The kind of home someone is looking for or currently owns will play an important role in the kind of traditional architecture used in the house. An American ranch style of architecture with an updated color palette can freshen up a home without completely altering the way it looks. Handcrafted materials included in the redesign or update makes from a beautiful improvement on the architecture. Exposed wood along with a craftsman finish on siding will complete the look they’re going for.

Make Traditional Architecture Your Own

Currently there is no one particular style of architecture that is popular. It ultimately comes down to a personality and desired features. For example, here at Stillwater Architecture we don’t adhere to any one particular architectural style and instead provide layouts that meet the needs of modern families, while creating details and homes that reflect the personalities of the homeowners, keeping our egos out of the design process.

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