Our Top Architecture Posts of 2015

What a wonderful year it has been! Not only have we been honored to design projects around the country and in our home locations of Bozeman, Boulder and Chicago. We have also launched the Stillwater Architecture blog and revamped our website. Needless to say, we have been quite busy!

In this post, we are sharing our top architecture posts of 2015.

Five Elements of Modern Farmhouse Design

The modern farmhouse style of design is not just a look, it’s a feeling. It’s easy and casual, nothing overdone or excessive. Farmhouse style homes make wonderful and beautiful vacation homes. They combine the best of modern and old fashioned looks, and they work in all kinds of locations. Old farm houses are easy to remodel for modern living, and farmhouse style homes can easily be built from the ground up, too. While there is no definitive guide as to what makes a house, farmhouse style, there are five distinct elements of the farmhouse design.

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Our Favorite Rustic Mountain Home Designs

Through the years we’ve had the pleasure of completing some pretty amazing rustic mountain homes. Our clients have worked with us to create vacation homes that fit perfectly into the stunning backdrops of Montana, Colorado and Illinois.

While it’s hard to choose our favorites of all time, for this post, we’re highlighting some of our recent projects that really pop. Our collection of mountain home designs range in style and design to best fit the needs of our clients. From a rustic cabin experience amidst the wilderness, to a hybrid style home in the suburbs of Chicago … we hope you enjoy our favorite rustic mountain home designs.

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The History of Craftsman Style Homes

The art and craft home, also referred to as the Craftsman home, is one of the most adored design styles of modern times. We wanted to explore the history of the craftsman style home and were surprised to find this design can be traced back a few hundred years. No matter how far back the history of craftsman style, it remains an attraction to many and a style loved by many.

Elements of Craftsman style homes are rumored to have been first used by the Hindus in India. They crafted thatched roof cottages with porches and heavily overhung roofs. At the time that the British colonized India, the British officers returning home from India in the 19th century brought with them the Indian Architecture and later adapted it when they built their own homes.

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Contemporary vs Modern Home Design: What’s the Difference?

The difference between modern home design and contemporary home design can be pretty confusing, especially since there is considerable overlap between the two, and in truth they do embrace some of the same aesthetics. In fact, the two terms are often used as synonyms in common home decorating jargon these days, even though each has at least a few of its own characteristics that make it an identifiable style.

While the categories for these two different home design styles may not be of overwhelming significance, it can still be very helpful to identify the differences between the two, so as to help choose the style that meshes best with a person’s own personality, and best expresses that inner sense of style and decor.

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5 Luxury Home Designs that Wow

The devil is in the details. Whether it is a business plan or a fine work of art, the overall quality of almost anything comes down to the details. The same is true in home design. A true craftsman house has small details not always picked up initially, but it helps accent the room or the entire building and really takes it to that next level. For anyone interested in home upgrades or considering buying a luxury home with new features, here are five details to look out for as each possesses a significant wow factor.

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Whether you’re interested in information about Modern, Rustic, Craftsman or Traditional home design, we have you covered. What have been your favorite posts of the year?

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