Romantic Bedroom Ideas – 11 Ideas For Him and Her

Your master bedroom is your sanctuary. The place you go to unwind after a long day and where the worries of the outside world can melt away. Even when the day is entirely chaotic, your bedroom is the one place where you should always be able to go and regroup. Create a haven you and your partner will love, any day of the year. Forget the rose petals, here are some inspiring romantic bedroom ideas to help you create a retreat you’ll never want to leave.

Romantic Master Bedroom Ideas

Calming Colors

When decorating your master bedroom, you want to evoke calmness. Get there with a warm and tranquil color palette. In this traditional home, the muted tones highlight the architectural features of the room.

Warm Up with a Cozy Fire

If space permits, adding a fireplace to your bedroom is guaranteed to turn your space into a warm and welcoming retreat at the end of the day.

Use Creative Decor

Sometimes a romantic bedroom decorating idea is a style uniquely yours. For example, check out this master bedroom with modern lines and rustic details.

Invest in a Good Mattress

A supportive, yet malleable mattress is key to your romantic bedroom decor. Find the perfect balance, so you’ll never want to leave.

Soothing Lighting

Lighting can really set the stage for your romantic bedroom. Consider “layering” your light sources by using lamps, chandeliers, the warm glow of a fire, candles and other sources.

Highlight the View

This romantic bedroom idea is probably a no-brainer; but if you’re lucky enough to have a view, be sure to position your bed as such so you can thoroughly enjoy it!

Mix Textures

You don’t want your space to be flat. To avoid that, mix textures! From soft bedding, to smooth leather. Modern lines are softened by fluffy throw pillows.

Ditch the Boring

Unusual elements, like this hanging chair, can really bring a pop to your room and create a cozy feel.

Sprinkle in Red

The color red is traditionally associated with romance and it can be fun to sprinkle it into your decor. Careful not to go overboard, however, as too much can come across as gaudy.

Old World Romance

If your home has an old world style, it probably already has a naturally romantic flare. Be sure to really emphasize that through your bedroom decor. Decorating ideas might include antique style paintings, tuscan style wall treatments and a layering of fabrics to make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time.

Canopy Beds Evoke Romance

This sleek modern bedroom is anything but boring! Bringing in a canopy bed not only evokes romance, but brings a striking focal point.

Treat yourself, and your honey, to one of these romantic and relaxing bedroom retreats and we promise, everyone will wake up happier.

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