Rustic Mountain Homes – Decor Elements to Replicate

Is there anything better than a getaway home in the mountains? Every window offers a beautiful view. The thick trees around the home hides all sight of the neighbors. It’s almost as if you harkened back to the past where you lived on your own with a family and had nothing but a beautiful view and the wild. Of course now you may still have the Internet, television and excellent appliances, but the feeling and the view is the same. You just need to make sure your rustic mountain home preserves a bit of that rustic, rural feel to it in order to truly capture the great outdoors feel.

Elements of Stunning Rustic Mountain Homes

Exposed Beams

This is one of the great decor elements you can utilize in rustic mountain homes. Exposed beams in the ceiling instantly become a focal point to any room. It helps break up the rather boring ceiling and it offers more of a log cabin vibe. These exposed beams don’t even need to be part of the structural integrity of the house. Having beams installed after the fact adds interest instantly. You’ll need a contractor to install it, but it’s worth the investment.

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Beyond the exposed beams, wood is a building material you want to utilize here. Beyond just the wood flooring of the rustic mountain homes, look towards wood for your tables. A naturally worn yet refined dinning room table will look beautiful with the natural groves and grain of the wood. Your home is likely surrounded by trees and nature. You should bring it inside the house with wood.

Barnyard Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is crucial in your rustic mountain homes. Modern lighting can quickly kill the feeling of rustic and instantly push it over the top into ultra modern. Lighting fixtures around bulbs is the perfect way to add a unique touch while maintaining a rustic look. Thankfully there are plenty of options. You can have the lighting hang from the exposed beams, or have simple, almost candle-like chandeliers coming down from the ceiling. This antique barnyard look is a perfect addition to the home.

Leather Furniture

There is just something about worn leather and wood. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Natural tones is important in a rustic mountain home. You don’t need to go all the way to the hunter lodge vibe, but leather furniture (or even suede) is an excellent addition.

You do not have to live in a big house to get the look of rustic mountain homes. With a few choice selections in finishes, and an eye toward the rustic, you can easily convey the look you’re going for.

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