Rustic Yet Refined – What Makes Great Timber Frame Home Designs

Wood is one of the most beautiful materials you can use in any construction project. It has been used since just about the dawn of human civilization as it is easy to use, strong, durable and often plentiful. However, when designing a timber frame home, you can’t just use any wood in your construction, and if you want to achieve a rustic yet refined look, you need to follow a few basic rules. If you’re considering the construction of a new rustic but refined rood home, this information will help when you sit down with your residential architect to go over exactly what you’re looking for and what they recommend. Here are a few basic timber frame home designs you should consider before moving forward with the project.

Timber Frame Home Designs – Get the Look

For Rustic Timber Framed Homes, The More Grain the Better

When going for rustic, you want the wood grain to show through. Plenty of locations have elegant wood throughout the interior. However, this wood is often a single color, without any resemblance of what it looked like before being cut and assembled. The entire idea of rustic is to highlight this very thing. You want unique grains and slightly different colors in the wood. It is what makes wood so beautiful.


Consider the Stain

Rustic yet refined walks a fine line. It is easy to go too far towards rustic and have it go more into the realm of log cabin. It is also easy to go too far in the other direction and completely lose the rustic appearance. Your architect should be able to help you walk this tightrope. However, there are a few ideas you should consider in terms of color and, most importantly, stain when designing your timber frame home.

You should avoid paint all together. The paint will cover up the grain and completely derail the rustic look. If you want to maintain the exact look of the wood but treat it so it doesn’t dry out, tongue oil for the wood does exactly this. You can also go with some basic stains, some with a sheen others with the flat, not reflective look. Stains or tongue oil is the best way to go when working with timber frame home designs in order to keep that beautiful fine line between rustic and refined.

Choosing the Right Wood for Your Timber Frame Home

Your architect can work with you on the right kind of wood for your needs. Different woods have different density levels, so they will know what types of wood can handle your building requirements.

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