Smart Upgrades for Your Mountain Home

Choosing your mountain home is about more than just the view. With the proper upgrades, you can have your cake and eat it too, or in this case, have your mountain home and live in the lap of luxury.

Smart Upgrades for Your Mountain Home

Smart Home Technology

One major upgrade you can make in your mountain home is to invest in the latest technology and you no longer have to choose between function and design. Some features that could be included in a smart house are:

  • Occupancy automated climate control systems that not only ensure everyone’s comfort but can save tremendous amounts of energy.
  • Automated shades which can help keep heat in during the cold winter months.
  • Retracting screens make a room visually pleasing when the TV is not being watched.
  • Automated lighting adds convenience.
  • Audio/visual systems that raise the bar in entertainment.

One reminder – as you add home tech, you will want to make sure that you have proper bandwidth available to run it all.

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Appliance Upgrades
One way you can give your kitchen a quick facelift is to upgrade your appliances. These days with all of the available options, it feels as though the sky is the limit. Stainless steel is a classic and timeless option but if you prefer a more trendy style, you could consider black stainless steel or ultra modern white. Most appliance manufacturers offer a suite of appliances at a reduced price. This can be a much more affordable way to upgrade.

When considering an appliance upgrade it is a good idea to also consider the technology upgrades available for your appliances. You will want to be sure to purchase appliances with the upgrades you need instead of trying to retrofit technology upgrades afterward.

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Upgrading your windows is about more than just aesthetics. If your mountain home is older, the windows are quite possibly costing you money. Although windows, especially custom windows, are pricey, it can save you money in the long run to purchase windows that are weatherized for your climate.There may be grants or incentives offered through your state or local electric company to help offset the cost. It is definately worth looking into.

Radiant Floor Heat
Radiant floor heat, once a luxury, is now relatively mainstream and makes such a difference in maintaining the climate of your mountain home. The pros of radiant floor heat way outweigh the cons whether measuring aesthetics, monthly cost, climate control, or ease of use. Aesthetics-wise, you cannot see radiant floor heat. There are no wires, radiators, or stove mantles to stick out into a room. For clean lines, radiant floor heat is a great option. This type of heating also warms rooms more evenly as it is distributing heat throughout the entire room rather than forcing heat from one area. With almost no maintenance cost, it certainly seems like a win!

When considering in-floor heat, be sure you find a licensed, bonded, and insured and be sure to check references. Installing radiant floor heat can be very costly and if not done well can cause major issues within the home.

Heated Driveway
Being in the mountains typically means snow. Snow means ice. Ice means a slick driveway that is dangerous to maneuver in the wintertime. One solution to this issue is to install a heated driveway. There are two options to consider when thinking of making your driveway ice-free. The most expensive option is a fully built-in driveway system. The advantage of a fully built-in system is that it will leave your driveway completely clear all winter with no snow buildup.  This system involves running tubing throughout your driveway and you can even up the steps to your porch if you prefer. As you can imagine, this is a much more expensive option but is permanent and convenient.

If you prefer to keep costs down, you can install mats on the driving spaces of your driveway. These mats work well but they are not near as efficient as the fully installed option above. Mats only melt the area where they are laid so you will still have to shovel the rest of your driveway. Though not a perfect alternative, these are a very good option, especially if your home is on a hillside. This can be the difference between having to park on the street and maneuver walking on the ice to your house and having the ability to park directly at your house.

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Upgrades to your mountain home can add efficiency, raise the value of your home and they can be fun! When considering upgrades, it is important to consider the overall investment benefit. Let your upgrades display your personality and enhance the vibe of your home. Enjoy!