The Appeal of Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes have increased in popularity in recent years, not only due to their design, but also their adaptability and use of sustainable materials. These homes are typically one or two stories and feature ample curb appeal from the use of asymmetrical design with large expansive windows and unique roof lines. These roof lines are expansive and either flat or angle dramatically. The exterior facades of contemporary homes also feature the use of geometric shapes and use of natural materials including stucco, brick, stone or wood.

Features of Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes also have ample interior features including open, spacious floor plans, flexible room configurations, and ample natural light. Open floor plans feature wide expansive spaces for entertaining large groups or just spending time with family.

The interior of most contemporary homes feature flexible room configurations. These include the use of removable walls opening up the home to outdoor rooms or strategically placed pocket doors to divide rooms. Another element in the flexible interior design is the placement of non-load bearing walls. This element allows homeowners to reconfigure the interior to accommodate the changes in the family an example would be an “empty-nester” removing a wall to open a room previously used as a bedroom when children were growing up. Natural light is a primary feature coming from the use of large windows. These windows are dual purpose, not only do they allow for ample natural light, but they also allow for expansive panoramic views of the landscape bringing the outdoors inside.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are also key features of contemporary homes. This is evidenced from the initial impression from the materials on the exterior facade and continued into and throughout the home. The exterior is typically a stone product whether it is natural stone, stucco, or brick. The interior of the home features wood products such as bamboo for the flooring and the kitchen countertops are usually a stone or metal product. Granite or similar is common as well as the use of concrete for the countertop. Appliances are typically stainless steel. Cabinetry and other design elements feature minimalist design and only adorned with sleek hardware to continue the theme. The natural light reduces the need for light fixtures, creating clean lines.

Contemporary homes are a great choice when picking a style of home to build or purchase. They provide adaptability into the future and are environmentally friendly to protect the future.