The Beauty of Handcrafted Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame homes can come in many sizes and varieties, from rustic log cabins to more traditional family home structures, expansive lodges, and many others.  Most people choose them for the rustic, natural look that they can provide, but timber frame homes have many inherent advantages that make them ideal  for many people. Homes with timber frames also are highly adaptable and can suit a wide range of living needs and lifestyles.

Environmentally Friendly Components

One of the biggest advantages of homes with timber frames is that the timber is a renewable resource. There are no extensive manufacturing or industrial processes involved. Timber can be harvested, shaped and used to build a home or other structure.  The timber harvested is replaced by new growth that eventually will become large and sturdy and be used for another home or other structure. That means there are no toxic byproducts or other contaminants that could harm the environment or post a danger to those living and working inside the new homes and other structures.

Exceptionally Sturdy Structures

Timber frame homes are exceptionally sturdy and can withstand a wide range of natural hazards, including earthquakes, fires and high winds. Because the logs are dense, they can withstand a great deal of heat, support a large amount of weight, and withstand strong wind gusts or snowfall amounts. Many homes with timber frames have had their interiors protected against wildfires and other hazards. Even when the exterior is charred, the wood can be planed and reused as beams and other structural components.

Highly Energy Efficient

The same large timbers that make timber framed homes sturdy also make them very energy efficient. The timbers are outstanding insulators that keep warm air inside and cold air outside during the winters, and have the opposite effect during the summer months. The sturdy nature of those timbers also allow for expansive windows that let in a great deal of natural light, while reducing the need for electricity for lighting as well as indoor climate control.

Adaptable Interior Spaces

Timbers also enable homeowners to choose many unique shapes and designs that can be adapted to their lifestyles. Some parts can remain rustic, others lofty and cathedral-like, and yet others more traditional with the use of drywall. Because the timber support a great deal of weight, there is less need for interior load-bearing walls, and that leaves home designers with many options.

What are your favorite aspects of a timber frame home?

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