Traditional Architecture – A Bridge to Keep Tradition Expanding

They say that history is a bridge that connects the past with the future and then holds them together with tradition. And that’s just what we enjoy in our architecture.

Traditional Architecture

Traditional Architecture

Traditional architecture may be considered a plank in that bridge because it takes into account styles that were prominent to a particular region. Architects and builders are obligated and even committed to preserving a link to the past with regards to the style of building they erect in an effort to stay consistent with the overall design of the region. This creates a connection to the past and gives the region a sense of permanency in the effort to uphold its traditional look for the community.

Taking into consideration an older community, we see that homes that were constructed in those communities produce a standard for what a builder or architect strives to preserve. Take for instance a community that is well over a hundred years old. Those homes, as well as the buildings built at that time, set the tradition for future architecture. This means that the structure of the windows and doors, the height of the buildings and the elements of the roofs are carried forward in the new construction. Hence the bridge that connects the past to the future.

traditional architecture

How important is traditional architecture? Even the youngest child has memories of past days and if the memories are good, they cherish them and sometimes desire to repeat them. The same with traditional architecture. It maintains that link to the past, which keeps us connected to the old style buildings. The old integrated with the new, maintains a sense of uniformity without parting from the community’s heritage and traditions.

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Style denotes traditional design and style will really never be shallow in appearance, because good buildings are shaped by deeper architecture. It expresses its age and that is the age gone by.

Using traditional architecture is really not advanced because it doesn’t move the discipline forward into modernization. Keeping the old is what our memories are often made up of and to deviate from that past, erases tradition and therefore sets communities into a whole new era. The bridge that connects the past to the present and the future will fall.

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