Traditional Chalet or Modern Ski Home? Choosing Which is Right for You

You dream of having a home in the mountains. Which is a better fit for you, a traditional chalet or a modern ski home? It has to do with you needs and individual taste as to which is the best fit. Investigate what makes a traditional chalet so inspiring. A modern ski home has contemporary fixtures and architectural lines to suit the landscape and your taste, as well. The choice between the two styles seems insurmountable but in reality, the differences and similarities help you distinguish between your ideas, needs and wants.

Traditional Chalet

The scene is in the snowcapped mountains, in a chalet with a pitched roof, scalloped exterior trim, interior stone fireplace ablaze, cozy overstuffed furniture, wood walls, floors and quilts stacked on plump beds. What a cozy picture. The right choice in your ski home is certainly partially influenced by the traditional ski chalet.

Modern Ski Home

Straight contemporary lines, modern appliances, fixtures, and windows designed to be energy-efficient, placed to enhance the mountainous views. Fireplace(s) to warm and beautify the interior, decks with a hot tub and a view to last a lifetime. Bathrooms designed as individual retreats. Bedrooms with views, fireplaces, and modern electronics.

Serendipity When Two Worlds Meet

When visualizing each of these ski resident options it is easy to get lost in the luxury. Why not also have the option to take a traditional ski chalet and renovate the modern features you cannot live without. Another option is the build a modern ski home with the chalet feel and look while including the modern architectural features found in the contemporary home. A sought after ‘ideal’ of many ski home is a killer mountain, treetop view, warm comforts, modern electronic features and sustainable energy-efficient systems built in.

Renovate or Build

The modern ski home allows for modern conveniences, traditional chalet style and ‘green’ environmentally-friendly features you demand. You can have it all. Sustainability of modern ski homes has never been better or in great demand. You can renovate or build the perfect escape ski home with the right professionals in tow. Decide on features you love and others that are a must-have and design the perfect ski home to suit your taste.

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