Trending – Bathroom Paint Color Ideas for Summer

Want to give your bathroom a fresh makeover for summer? Well, the easiest way to do this a pick a fabulous color scheme that will give your bathroom a fresh new look. We have the curated the some fun color schemes for a summer refresh, so get ready to make your guests drop their jaws in pure amazement. Here are a few of our favorite bathroom color ideas for summer.

Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Teal gray

A grayish teal color scheme for your bathroom will give it a very dreamy relaxed look. It is the perfect combination of elegance, serenity and modern class. The jewel teal color tones strike just the right balance because they give off both masculine as well as feminine undertones.

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Dusty rose pink and wood tones

This deeper shade of pink gives a warm and charming ambience and is works beautifully with a Western-style home decor. The wood tones complement it and gives it a very rustic chic look.

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Soft green and beige

Soft green is extremely trendy and versatile. A light beige appeals to both feminine and masculine sensibilities, and will give your bathroom a very natural ambience with just the perfect pop of calming color.

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Pale yellow and light wood tones

bathroom paint color ideas

This delicate shade of yellow will give your bathroom a very ethereal and dreamlike look yet with paired with light wood tones will keep the space grounded.

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Sea green blue and a variety of other blues

If you want something really different sea green blue with every blue variation for a very calming space. Sea green blue will bring the sea indoors and give you something magazine worthy.

Or… just keep it natural

Filling your bathroom space with all-natural woods, and keeping the walls simple, will make for an elegant yet versatile space.

We hope you’ll use these bathroom paint color ideas to give your bathroom a summer refresh. Want more inspiration? Check out our Bathroom Spaces Photo Gallery here. What is your favorite color scheme for the season?