10 Stunning Modern Entryway Ideas [Houzz-spiration]

For better or worse, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. While that old saying may have been made popular to promote Botany Suits back in the 60’s, it still rings true – both for you and your home. As such, for better or worse, your entryway door is your first impression. Set a welcoming tone for your modern home with a beautifully designed entry door. We found these gorgeous doors on Houzz. Which modern entryway idea would choose for your home?

Modern entryway ideas

Pivot Doors have become a hallmark feature of any contemporary home. The Pivot Door Company makes this custom mahogany door with a glass grid.

Photo by Pivot Door Company

Stillwater Architecture’s very own Indigo Lake House features a sleek pivot door creating a natural entry through the beautiful landscape. See the writeup on this luxury home showcased in the Western Home Journal.

Photo by Stillwater Architecture, LLC

This beautiful door makes a statement, from CLS Custom Doors and Windows.

Photo by CLS Custom Doors and Windows

This modern entryway door by TLG Doors and Hardware offers an option with modern lines and the sturdiness offered by its iron frame, glass view to the outside.

Photo by TLG Doors and Hardware

This entryway door features modern industrial hardware made by Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Photo by AppWood Custom Woodwork

A combination of materials make this a highly sought after entryway look, by Kolbe Windows and Doors.

This door allows guests to peek inside.

Photos by Kolbe Windows and Doors

This custom steel door opens to beautiful wooden stairs and whimsically positioned hooks.

Photos by Gibeon Photography for Stillwater Architecture, LLC

Your entryway can really set the tone for your home. We hope you’ve found inspiration in these modern entryway ideas we’ve curated from Houzz.