Luxury Mountain Home Projects

Building a dream home in a ski town, lakeside community, or mountain resort requires an architectural firm to transform wishes into reality. You’ll also want your home to highlight the beautiful area you’ve chosen to build in.

Stillwater Architecture designs luxury mountain home projects that fit the grandeur of their surrounding landscape. Stillwater Architecture provides a comfortable, first-rate, well-made residence for you and your family.

At Stillwater Architecture, we believe that form and function are inseparable. Our high-end luxury designs feature the utmost in comfort and utility and appeal to your sense of aesthetics.

We focus on sturdy construction and concentrate on low-maintenance materials to enable your home to stand the test of time. Our generous and welcoming layouts allow you to entertain guests while taking full advantage of your natural surroundings. We also specialize in window design, making it possible to showcase the vistas lighting your home daily.

While looking through our past residential mountain home projects, you can consider the possibilities for your residence. With endless features to customize, the sky is the limit for the design of your future home. You’ll also want your home to take advantage of and highlight the beautiful area you’ve chosen to build in.