3 Unique Design Features of Modern Custom Homes

Today’s modern custom homes have unique design features which make them stand out. Modern architecture teams know their customer’s needs and want a home to offer modern amenities, while also demonstrating the homeowner’s taste and personality.  Today, we’re sharing three unique design features of modern custom homes.

Unique Design Features of Modern Custom Homes

Smart Home Features

The smart home is here and working to make life easier and more efficient. Smart features in modern custom homes include thermostats, lighting, heating, cooling, appliances, and charging stations. Google, Amazon and other tech companies are all in with the creation of a smart tower which operates the smart objects in your home.

The smart tower retrieves information from the internet simple by you asking. If you need a door lock, thermostat temperature changed, or a light turned on all you do is ask. The futuristic automatic appliances, voice activated sound and lighting is here. The modern home is now customized with the smart features you probably only imagined before.

Eco-friendly materials

Recycled, natural and reused objects of your affection are incorporated into the modern custom homes. Natural, sustainable wood is engineered using environmentally safe methods to enhance the grain of wood floors, rafters, and cabinets. Marble and subway style tiles are the rage in kitchens from the walls to the counters.

Matte and Satin metals have replaced the shiny stainless steel cabinet drawer pulls and knobs. Installed in modern homes are matte, satin metals, farm-style sinks, and subway tile. All materials are made from recycled, reclaimed, or repurposed material, while others are made from sustainable products.

Outdoor Living Space

Creating the perfect gathering place outdoors has hit a new high in popularity. Patio brick ovens, infinity pools, deck solar lighting, televisions, sound systems create the perfect outdoor area to relax and entertain alike. Solar powered lighting and sound systems have found favor in the modern design of outdoor living spaces.

Enjoy the trends of modern custom homes. Bring the living space outdoors and enjoy the indoor smart features and eco-friendly materials of modern living. Efficient living has never been so green and smart.

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