5 Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Table

You may not spend much time thinking about coffee tables normally, but when it comes time to design or freshen up your living area, you’ll certainly want some guidelines for adding that last piece to the living room puzzle.  Choosing the right size, design, and functionality can take any number of potential courses. Not only is your coffee table selection quite essential as a focal point, it also serves an important function of corralling cups, magazines, resting feet and more. It can be daunting to make just the right choice and, fortunately, there are a number of coffee table design ideas one can entertain before making that seemingly final choice.

Here are a few things to considering when buying a coffee table:

Consider the Shape. Do you have a long narrow sofa or a wraparound? Does your space include seating completely around the table, or just on one side? Consider the shape of the space to fill before choosing your coffee table – the space will determine the shape you’ll eventually add.

Should it be portable? Find yourself entertaining often, and in need of extra space? You may consider a coffee table that has wheels so you can move it around depending on your needs.

Match natural with natural. If the table surface choice is a sandalwood or a salvaged wood top, which is all the rage these days, pairing the natural surface with other natural elements is an excellent choice.

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Think about height. You don’t want a table that towers over your sofa, nor do you want the sofa to be in odd proportion to the table. Measure the height of your sofa or chairs that will be adjacent to the table before making a final decision.

Stack items for a wow factor. Too often, a coffee table will be exquisite with glass or high-end metal materials, but will have just a single book juxtaposed off in a corner. Stack a pile of same-sized books and pair the stack with a matching color element that pulls from the top book’s cover, such as a bouquet of flowers or an elaborate antique potpourri canister.

Consider the design. If the home is a colonial, don’t go for a modern art nouveau statue. If the theme is modern, sandalwood and dried flowers might look strange. Coffee table design ideas do not always come naturally to every individual but they can make or break the ambience of a homes living quarters.

When finishing out your space it’s important to consider all the details and your coffee table plays a surprisingly important role!

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