7 Elements of an Amazing Outdoor Room

Once a homeowner has finally settled into the perfect summer vacation home it is time to start thinking about transforming the outdoor room into a welcoming and relaxing spot for family and friends to enjoy together. But, before any of the transformation work begins, new vacation homeowners should do their best to plan ahead to incorporate timeless and stylish elements of an inviting outdoor room. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Decide on Layout

For many, an outdoor room has to be bordered by greenery and furniture. But it is important for homeowners to realize that furniture, greenery and flowers don’t have to be confined to the edge of the property. Instead, make these statement items a focal point in the outdoor space by highlighting them with a new and appealing layout.

Add a Bench

There is no better place to stop and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of life than from a seat on a beautiful and sturdy bench in the outdoor room. When coming home from a day full of adventure, homeowners can sit and rest on a comfy and welcoming bench seat. Get the most out of a beautifully crafted bench by installing a flip-up seat for extra storage or a handy boot tray underneath to house shoes and other items.

Consider all the Lighting

Most homeowners use their outdoor rooms after a long workday or for those with a vacation home, after a long week at work in the city. Get the most out of this welcoming space by adding the right touch when it comes to lighting. Instead of relying on security lighting to keep the space lit throughout the evening, invest in low-voltage or LED lights to keep the room romantic and relaxing.

Add a Water Element

Bringing a water element into the space will only help to add to the ambiance and as an added bonus, it can make for the perfect centerpiece. A re-circulating fountain is a great (and easily DIY) item for those decorating on a budget.

Plan for a Shady Spot

Make the room more comfortable for all who use it by ensuring there is a good balance of natural light and shade. Place the furniture in a direction where guests and family members won’t have to stare directly into the sun.

Properly Space

When it comes to seating in the outdoor room it is important to leave enough space for each guest to feel comfortable and relaxed. If a smaller room is in need of a table and chair for drinking and dining sure to keep it at a four seat minimum. As a general rule, a 4 foot round or square table with four chairs requires at least 12 feet by 12 feet of space for guests to sit comfortably.

Don’t Forget Greenery

No room in the house is truly complete without the addition of a bit of greenery. Plus, plants and flower arrangements offer an easy and affordable way to add color to the room. Large planters are great for displaying seasonal plants and flowers, while beautiful vases can easily show off the latest farmer’s market bouquets all year round.

What are your favorite outdoor room design ideas?