8 Habits of a Successful Architect

While it might seem like a successful architect would be one that is very formal and by the book with their designs, the design process is actually very different and unique for each individual architect you will encounter. The process is very personal and aside from a favorite pencil or ruler, there are a number of broader habits that successful architects encompass in their work.

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What a Successful Architect Is Doing…

1. Telling A Story

The best designs and projects are those that tell a story about the person who lives or works in that location. This gives more purpose and reason to the space. Architects create their project ideas based off of a narrative they create.

2. Being Risky

Creating designs by the book and around what everyone else is doing doesn’t set a successful architect apart from the rest. Taking a risk and doing something outside the box gains a professional a good reputation and generates more clientele in the long run. Taking something old and finding a new way to repurpose the item or the idea is ideal.

3. Paying Attention To The Details

While there are more broad concepts to decide for a space such as the wall color or the flooring, smaller details can really tie everything together for the final piece. Banisters, molding, trim and more can all be very intricate and make a space very unique as can using different metals and colors that are uncommon.

4. Keeping It Simple

Eliminating unnecessary clutter from an architectural plan results in a clean design that encompasses only the most ideal and necessary components. This can in turn make the overall design much stronger in the long run.

5. Maintaining Order

Most architects are known for their love of all things simple; clean lines and a simple design. A successful architect must decide with each project what is most important and include those items in their design. The site, the overall budget and the client’s needs are main focuses in order to maintain order in the project scope.

6. Utilizing Repetition

While it might sound boring, repetition is a main component in architecture. Certain elements are often seen throughout projects as a way to highlight other items. Windows, flooring, doors, railings and more often stay the same while other items are allowed to pop.

7.  Stepping Outside The Box

Every now and then a successful architect will break the rules and do something unique. However, balance needs to be maintained to make this a success.

8. The Five Senses

Formally trained, successful architects know how important it is to consider the senses when designing. Obviously, the visual aspect of a project is key but also take into account the smell of fresh air, maybe the sound of a nearby body of water, etc. and design around this.

Architectural design encompasses many different aspects and a professional that can consider all of these components and work around them is what results in a great outcome.

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