The Art and Soul of a Family-Friendly Vacation Home

A family-friendly vacation home offers a world of potential. It is great for getting away from it all and relaxing. Of course, the look and feel of the home makes a big difference as well. No matter where the family-friendly vacation home is, a bit of art and soul can go a long way. It isn’t necessary to go out and spend a fortune on elaborate paintings. Instead, the art can be a bit different. Every family-friendly vacation home is going to vary not only from location to location but family to family. Each family needs to determine what the best form of art inside of their home is.

Family Friendly Vacation Home

Locale Art

It is possible to buy art from anywhere. While these different varieties of art may work back home, the best way to really open up a vacation home is to use local art. This helps make the home feel more local while giving it a unique feel all at the same time. It also supports local artists, which is a great way to give back to the community. Chances are, there are still local artists who produce material to a home owner’s liking, whether it is an abstract painting or a taxidermy decor.

Family-Friendly Doesn’t Mean Childish

When it comes to family-friendly art, it doesn’t mean someone needs to go and invest into a garish pieces. Often times, there is the assumption of family friendly meaning childish. It doesn’t. It simply means something that everyone in the family can enjoy equally. There are all sorts of ways to bring in warm, uplifting art from the area of the vacation home. We love incorporating vintage pieces that offer both a throwback to a bygone era, and speaks to the youthful feel of a bunk room.

But It Can Mean the Kid’s Art

Hand crafted art by creative kids can sometimes be the best way to put a smile on anyones face who sees it. Sometimes, simply framing a drawing they made and hanging it on the wall for anyone else to see. Besides, some paintings done by children may look better to a parent than the vast majority of modern art. Everyone has their own tastes in art. Why not share the kid’s art with those who visit the vacation home?

How do you incorporate art for the whole family into to show the appeal of your family friendly vacation home?

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