Buying a Second Home in Bozeman- What to Know

Anyone looking to establish a second home or a vacation home in an ideal setting should give strong consideration to the beautiful western city of Bozeman, Montana. The city was founded in 1864 by legendary trailblazer John Bozeman, who a year earlier had opened the Bozeman Trail as a spinoff from the famous Oregon Trail. Its fertile valley attracted settlers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, and the city matured into the largest producing sweet pea center in the country.

Buying a Home in Bozeman

Modern Bozeman is recognized as the gateway to the scenic wonders of Yellowstone National Park, and has a booming tourism business, owing to its recreational opportunities, its magnificent scenery, and the overall quality of life there. In the year 2010, Bozeman was designated by Outside magazine as the best city in the west for skiing, and the National Civic League has awarded it the status of an All-American City. This discussion will provide information of interest to prospective owners of a second home in the jewel of the Gallatin Valley.


The population hovers under 50,000, so Bozeman never gets crowded, and that in itself can be very appealing to second home owners seeking to escape the hectic big-city lifestyle. Yellowstone National Park is the star attraction in the area, situated approximately 100 miles south of Bozeman, and the scenery all along the way is spectacular. The Gallatin Valley Museum offers a glimpse into the historic past of the area, and the Museum of the Rockies chronicles its prehistoric past, all the way back to the age when dinosaurs ruled the region.


Bozeman typically experiences more rainfall than most of the state, but its modest 24-inch average would not be considered a rainy climate by any means. Nestled between several mountain ranges and hilly areas, its overall climate falls into the category known as ‘dry continental’, which provides warm summers and cold winters, with occasional snow for skiing.


There are many art galleries in the Bozeman area, and for general shopping, the Gallatin Valley Mall provides 65 stores, anchored by Macy’s, to local shoppers and visitors to the area. There are ski shops and other specialty shops like Edible Arrangements and the Craft Beer Center, along with the Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company.


Dining in the Bozeman area is a mix of modern and rustic venues, with many of the national franchise restaurants available, like Arby’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Buffalo Wild Wings, as well as the Smiling Moose Deli, the Copper Whiskey Bar & Grill, and the Gallatin River Lodge. Fine dining is available at the Bay Bar & Grille, and numerous restaurants like Santa Fe Red’s offer traditional Mexican cuisine, while others like Biankini’s serve fine Italian cuisine.


There are numerous skiing resorts in the region, including Bridger Bowl, Big Sky Resort, and Bohart Ranch, all of which offer truly spectacular trails through the surrounding hills. Golfing enthusiasts can indulge their hobby at Bridger Creek Golf Club, Cottonwood Hills Golf Club, Riverside Country Club and others, amid the stunning high-altitude environment particular to the region. As mentioned above, the area ski resorts provide some of the finest skiing anywhere in the western states.

The Bozeman area is a fisherman’s paradise, with a great many guide services and outfitters providing fishing trip opportunities, and some great fishing at Cherry River, the Bozeman Pond, and Madison River. Whitewater rafting is also available on Madison River, as well as the Yellowstone River. To take full advantage of the outdoor experience, many of these companies provide great camping packages, which allow patrons to enjoy some wonderful quality time under the Big Sky.

Bozeman, Montana is an all around winner for your second home. Let us help you design your perfect space in the perfect spot! Contact us for a free consult today.