Designing Your Luxury Home

If you are considering designing your next luxury home, you have likely already come up with a basic plan including your theme, feel, and basic structure. Often it seems that is the easy part. The devil is in the details, so they say, but details are what can make your new abode go from a quality home to luxurious. When considering adding details to your luxury home, it is always good to consider your lifestyle and location, but don’t forget your wish list.

Not-to-Miss Details for Your Luxury Home

Kitchens are often a huge chunk of your overall budget but they should never be overlooked for style and luxury. Sure, you want marble countertops with waterfall sides top of the line cabinets, and glitzy lighting but why stop there?
Wine Cellar

Do you love to collect and serve fine wine? If so, consider a wine cellar. Even if it is small, a wine cellar is a luxurious addition that will impress your friends and preserve your precious bottles for ages to come. As you consider installing a wine cellar, be sure to do your research and contact a professional who understands the idiosyncrasies of this particular room including insulation, an airtight seal, and vapor barriers. For instance, if a contractor suggests using your basement as a wine cellar without sealing and properly insulating the walls, this is a sign that they are not qualified to properly oversee this project.

Butler’s Pantry

Do you entertain extensively? A butler’s pantry provides storage and an elegant location to stage your meals so you can present a grand dinnertime entrance. Built to match your kitchen, this room is an addition that may seem extravagant upon first thought but is likely to be indispensable once installed. A butler’s pantry is primarily matched to your kitchen with countertops and cabinetry and is a place to hold your linens, good silverware, and best china. It is also where you would set up your food presentations to wow your guests as you enter with each course.

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A scullery is as opulent as a butler’s pantry is useful. A scullery is primarily a staging area for anything you do not want displayed, especially dirty dishes. As you may know a scullery maid’s job is similar to a modern day dishwasher. The scullery, named after its maid, is where the dirty dishes would be kept as well as used trays, partially eaten cakes, etc. A scullery is used to store everything the butler’s pantry does not so the actual kitchen can remain spotless for your guests

If you love to entertain, your luxury home is sure to be a neighborhood favorite if you your entertaining spaces are well thought out.

Media Room

If you often entertain teens, a media room or a luxury theater room is sure to impress. Equipped with state of the art cinema equipment (including a power screen and projector), video game consoles, ample seating, and a concession kitchen, it won’t just be teens enjoying the room! Whether considered luxurious or a necessity, it is vital to look into damping and/or soundproofing this room.

Casino/Game Room

One other way add luxury to your entertainment is to add a Casino or game room. Casinos are known for luxurious entertainment and you could be the only one on the block. A top of the line poker table is just the start. Arcades or tablets/computers with game options like roulette and slots. For even greater effect, custom build wall cutouts to mount the games.

Whatever entertainment area you plan, always consider adding a wet bar and fireplace. Having drinks and snacks handy helps the hostess and makes access easier for the guests as well. A crackling fireplace inside and fresh snowfall outside provides a feeling of luxury and comfort.

Outdoor Kitchen

For entertaining, an outdoor kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances and concrete countertops is the ultimate in opulence. Fully plumbed sinks, rotisserie grills, and posh seating completes the eating area but you can’t stop there!

Designer fire pits, extravagant pools, and over-the-top saunas are all the rage and the sky’s the limit.

Luxury doesn’t only mean extras. You can add luxury to useful spaces as well. Consider adding a home office that is as luxurious as it is purposeful. A home library or den is also a welcome space to work, study, or get away from the hustle of the home. Filled with leather bound books and beautiful seating, guests and family alike will relish the luxury.

When you are designing your luxury home, always be sure to consider your outdoor spaces. It starts with luxury outdoor seating, beautiful turf, and colorful landscape, but luxury goes beyond flowers and fauna.

These options have hopefully started to direct your thinking toward the many design extras you will want to consider as you design your luxury home. Finding the perfect balance between luxury and extravagance is now up to you. As always, if you’d like to discuss the design of your luxury home, contact!

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