Features Your Luxury Home Should Have

A luxury home goes the extra mile, bringing in the extras most traditional homes avoid due to varying reasons (cost, difficulty in securing materials and so on). A luxury home doesn’t need to be extremely large or in a specific area of town. Instead, it is more about the materials and design. For anyone considering a new luxury home, or upgrades to their current home, here are some features to consider.

5 Must-Have Luxury Home Features

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Collapsible Window Wall

For home owners looking to host guests at their house, the outdoor living space often is used. However, instead of walking out a patio door, a collapsible window wall makes it possible to seamlessly move in between the interior and exterior. This feature has become more and more common in luxury homes and is a must for anyone who spends time outside. 

Smart Home Features

Smart home technology has come a long way in recent years. Now, it’s possible to install voice activated security systems, thermostats that automatically shift temperature based on if it detects people present in the home, and smart lighting that can be turned off with an application. Additional appliances such as refrigerators and dish washers can be connected to smart home systems as well. 

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Commercial Kitchen Upgrades

A professional chief doesn’t need to live in a home in order to take advantage of commercial upgrades in the kitchen. From stainless steel range tops to industrial hood vents, these are the kinds of kitchen upgrades a luxury home typically brings into the house. 

Speciality Rooms

For the luxury home with added space, a speciality room has become a popular addition. This can include a workout gym and a home theater. Each of these kinds of rooms require special appliances and hardware to function, but it adds the little extra level of enjoyment not commonly found in a traditional home. 

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Clawfoot Tub

The classic clawfoot tub has made its comeback and is now seen as a luxury home item. The stand alone tub does take up more space in a bathroom, so it takes larger bathrooms to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship of the clawfoot tub. 

There are all sorts of available upgrades for a luxury house. For home owners who enjoy the dinner things in life and are able to afford it, these upgrades not only add instant value to the house, but add to the level of enjoyment a home owner receives while living in the house.