How to Hire the Right Residential Architect

Do you want your home to stand out? Would you like to transform a current home into something more to your liking? Are you ready to build your dream home or vacation home? If you answered yes to any of these questions it may be time to consider hiring a residential architect.

However, you can’t just pick any. You need someone who is able to work with your idea while presenting their own. After all, they know what works and how to capitalize on your ultimate vision. But how do you hire the right residential architect? Just follow through with these easy tips and you’ll always end up with the very best.

Hiring the Right Residential Architect for You

Review Their Portfolio

Always begin with the portfolio. Their website may include images of their best work or you can contact the architect directly and request specific hard copy examples that are related to the kind of work you’re interested in. You could also check out their social media profiles on Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook for an even more robust look of their work. These various sources should help you get a better feel for their overall style.

What Are Their Strengths?

Many residential architects have certain interests and strengths. Find out if these align with your goals. Some interests may include: energy-efficiency and green building, and timber frame homes; others may include a real finesses for working directly with builders, interior designers and landscape pros. Find out what makes them different from their competitor.

Are They Adaptable?

While many residential architects adapt to the needs of the client, every architect has a particular style. Some may learn more toward traditional design, others may learn more toward a modern look and feel. Keep in mind, design styles are not mutually exclusive! For example, here at Stillwater Architecture we enjoy a wide spectrum of styles from rustic mountain home with exposed beams to cottage style, modern or contemporary and beyond.

Request an Interview

After narrowing down the architects to those who use a style you like, sit down with each architect. Find out not only their own passions and what inspires them, but if they are able to work with your ideas and the general look you’re going for.

Some architects are exceptional when it comes to building from their own imaginations, but when it comes to integrating ideas from the outside, they struggle with it. This is your house and you need to have a say in what it looks like. If an architect only gives you a handful of build styles and is not completely capable of working with you, it’s best to go with a different architect (unless you’re so in love with their particular look and style you’d rather just have them create a room or home from their mind).

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Follow Up With Their Referrals

Talk with past clients of the architect. Find out if they delivered on what the client wanted. Also, talk about price and timeline. Here you’ll learn if they quoted a fair price and how long it took to complete the project. You can also use their social channels to see what past clients or colleagues have publicly posted about working with them.

Understand What It Entails

Residential architects can do more than come up with the design and blueprints. They also can manage the project, assist in hiring a contractor, adjust the design as the work progresses, obtain the necessary forms and lien waivers, and so much more.  Ask your architect exactly which services are provided, and what they cost.

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Finding the right architect doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a thoughtful process and a little research, you’re certain to find the perfect professional for you!

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