Home Theater Trends Dominating 2016

The home theater trends which dominate 2016 are those which began to assume a very significant role in 2015, and whose influence will be extended into the new year. Generally speaking, homeowners who are seeking to establish an ideal environment for watching videos at home, and simulating the actual movie theater experience, will be interested in maximum performance rather than merely setting up an attractive or otherwise impressive-looking room for viewings. There are three major home theater trends where this performance will be demonstrated in 2016: video presentation, screen format, and acoustics.

Home Theater Trends Dominating 2016


High power LED technology is vastly improved these days, and since projector technology has also improved, the video displayed at home can be startlingly crystal clear, and add to the excitement of whatever you are showing. Projectors have been upgraded to the point where they can be turned on and off instantly, with no waiting or warm-up time, they are now very quiet in operation, and the improvement in picture quality is almost breathtaking to see.

High quality projectors are now capable of providing an image on a 200″ screen, at 4 times the resolution of a standard HD1080P, with more than 1700 Lumens of brightness – and it can duplicate the feat in 3-D mode. There are also laser projectors on the market now which offer an alternative to bulb or lamp projectors, and which can generate 1200 Lumens of light that are equivalent to 1800 Lumens from a lamp-based projector.

Screen format

One of the biggest home theater trends for 2016 in screen formatting will be cinemascope, which is wide-screen format. Far wider than the current 16:9 ratio of most TV monitors these days, cinemascope stretches the picture out into a broad display, although special lenses and screens are required in order to match the true format of the movie.

The significantly larger field provided for viewing makes the presentation seem much more real and convincing, and allows the viewer’s perspective to actheatually sense motion. This is particularly advantageous for action movie lovers, which of course is a fairly large segment of the home theater audience anyway.


More and more, home theater aficionados are insisting on incorporating more sophisticated acoustics into the design of their home theater environments. This calls for a 3-D design of the room when planning, accompanied by sound analysis to determine speaker placement and sound control elements.

Enhancements such as bass diffusers and dispersion elements can be strategically placed in the setup, and masked by stretched fabric or other non-interfering materials. To validate the setup, microphones can be placed throughout the room and shifted around, so as to digitally calibrate the acoustic settings.

An exciting year for home theater

The year 2015 was a banner year for technological improvements in several aspects of home theater components, and 2016 will undoubtedly build on those successes. For people who have already maxed out the performance elements of their home theater setup, there can still be enhancements made to the overall experience, for instance by providing greater comfort in the way of more luxurious and accommodating seating. With sound, video, and viewing comfort all tweaked to create the most immersive and enjoyable movie atmosphere, home theater for 2016 will be a truly stunning experience.

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