Modern Fusion – 6 Modern Design Elements to Incorporate Into Your Western Style Home

No matter when a home was built, it’s possible to bring in modern design elements to help upgrade the overall appearance. The modern fusion design helps a homeowner marry both a western style with modern design. It is important for a home owner to stay true to their own personal tastes, but by bringing these six modern design elements into any home it is possible to breathe a breath of fresh air into the house. 

Modern Design in a Western Style Home

1. Naked Floors With a Finish

Naked flooring has never been more desired. Depending on the western style home the property may have either tile or wood flooring. Both wood and natural stone can become a main focal point within the home. Area rugs can help give a sense of warmth to the flooring but it should not cover more than what it needs to. The rugs should also be minimal in design. It is all about the beauty of the natural flooring and not the rug. 

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However, if the walls and floors are all subtle colors with a similar color scheme a hint of color within the rugs can go a long way. As the area rugs are often large it is important to not go overboard (such as a solid yellow rug on an espresso brown floor). Instead, the area rug should be a muted color with just a splash of color on it. 

2. Clean Line Furniture

Now is the time to remove the bulky, curved sofas and chairs. Modern interior design is all about clean lines and smooth surfaces. The furniture should also be free of patterns, which will become dated quickly (such as a sofa with a flower print on it). Clean line furniture of single colors allows for the most design potential. 

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With the clean, simple furniture, throw pillows can add in the needed accents. It also makes it possible to change the accent colors throughout the year. 

3. Throw Fabrics

Modern design elements bring a natural appearance to the fabrics of your throw pillows and blankets. This includes everything from silk to linen, wool and cotton. The beauty of throw pillows and blankets is a home owner can have more fun with the bolder colored designs and patterns. So avoid patterns and bold colors on your furniture and instead bring it out with the pillows, blankets, and in some cases, the area rugs. 

4. Artistic Lighting

Never has a home owner had more lighting opportunities than right now. This isn’t just the fixtures but the lighting styles as well. While there are a number of sleek lighting fixtures and metallic finishes, a home owner can select a bulb that becomes a work of art in itself. There are bulbs designed to look like early bulbs of the 1900s all the way to smart bulbs, which change color on command. 

5. Open Rooms

Now is the time for a home owner to declutter the home. Modern design is all about open air and freedom of movement. For extensive home renovations, removing walls when possible can help provide an open floor plan as well. 

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6. Colors

Tone on tone colors, such as creams, whites and heavy browns are more popular now than ever before. 

No matter how old a home is or how apparent the western style is, bringing in subtle modern designs can help transform the overall appearance without making the styles clash. These six modern design elements will update the overall feeling of the house without stripping it of its western charm. Best of all, it doesn’t typically take extensive renovations to bring in these modern design elements. 

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